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10-15-2009, 04:13 AM
Dear Tankspot,

I lead my guild's GotUR runs. We have been fairly successful, even getting the achievement once already. However, real life, Main switches and getting other players the achievement has lead to a group balance change. And now, we are having issues with Firefighter. I'd greatly appreciate any assistance that can be given as I'd like to get my new main her Rusted and help the guys who helped us out.

So, here goes:

Successful Firefighter Group:
Ret Paladin (With DS naturally)
Healadin (Aura Mastery)
Prot Warrior
Blood DK
Resto Druid
Disc Priest
Destro Lock
Ele Shaman

Phase 1 seems to be the same. Phase 2 all the healers healed everyone ( I DS'd during a heatwave), Phase 3 Boomkin tanked ACU, Phase 4 we screwed up in the last ten seconds and barley got the kill.

New group comp is:
Prot Warrior
Fury Warrior
Frost DK
Blood Dk
Healadin (With Aura Mastery)
Holy priest
Resto Druid
Ele Shaman

The "new" group can fairly easily get past phase 1, but Phase 2 has become a choke point, and Phase 3 if we make it is just brutal. I believe I know a solution for our phase 3 issue (having the Paladin use her Beacon on the Moonkin, as I had the resto druid healing him. Should be more a tank healer I believe.)

Some of the options I'm considering and thus seeking opinions on.
*My prot warrior doesn't need Firefighter so I have the option of bringing in a Feral Druid to bear tank. alternatively I can have the Blood DK tank and the feral go kitty DPS.
*Specifically assigning the healers 3-4 people to watch in Phase 2 ( Which usually is messiest).
*Asking the Paladin to pick up DS (the problem becomes how does she use it in Phase 2 if Bubble/Hand of Sacrifice is on CD from P1)
*Asking the priest to go Disc and provide bubbles to mitigate the damage of Phase 2.

10-15-2009, 04:20 AM
Switching out your warrior would be a bad idea since Spell reflect tanking the head makes it a bit easier on healers.

Other than that I can just see that you have one melee more than in your old group but that shouldn't make that big of a difference.

10-15-2009, 04:24 AM
We actually didn't use the spell reflect tanking for the first kill. My Boomkin adamantly refused to be denied his chance to tank. But since Phase 3 tends to have him die, I may have the warrior take over on the head.

My immedaite concerns are about healing in his second phase. I'm wondering if I undervalued DS on my ret paladin when I had it. If it perhaps alleviated a mass amount of healer strain that I was unaware of.