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10-13-2009, 08:47 AM
Hey Guys,

I am really enjoying tanking, I have been tanking for quite sometime but now its at least 4-5 instances a day. I dont have alot of time to do long raids, and our guildis really small so we only have about 10 people who could raid. I have done alot with proffesions, rep, enchants. What should i do next to get myself ready for the always scary PUG for 25man. I think i have enough avoidance and of course what tank would turn down stam, but what should i work on next...expertise? hit rating? I really dont understand which of those would be better for a tank and why. So if you could give me some advise I would appreciate it. Thanks for the previous advise I think youll see i took it and geared myself appropriately.

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10-13-2009, 08:58 AM
Below the expertise soft cap (26), expertise gets you more bang for your buck than hit rating does (hit cap is 8%, btw, or 263 hit rating). The reason why is that below the cap, expertise reduces both your chance to be dodged and parried. After the soft cap, expertise only reduces parry chance, making it on par with hit rating until the hard cap.

Your gear looks pretty solid considering the content available to you.

I do have a suggestion though about raiding: since you can extend raid lockout, allowing you to raid under the same ID for more than a week, if your guild is able to form a 10-man, you might enjoy that better. If your guild generally lacks the time commitment to run for more than a couple hours, you can just extend the raid ID and clear a little farther each time. If you feel you've gotten about as far as you can, then let the ID expire and start in again with a fresh ID.

Just a thought. :)