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10-12-2009, 12:25 PM

I've been playing WoW since early 2006. During that time I've leveled several characters, but currently only have one 80 (my DK in the characters list). For both BC and WotLK hiatuses for different reasons caught up with me, and both times when I really get back into the game the next expansion has been announced. So, I'm a little behind most of the other characters on my server content and gear wise, and I'm trying to find something to do that entertains me.

My guild has been raiding pretty regularly for awhile now, but they only really have one 10 man raid team, and I'm not on it. If I want to experience any of the raiding content (which I've yet to do in WotLK), I would have to find a Pick Up Group and see where it takes me. The issue there is that I recently just quit tanking for PuGs. Funny story: The final straw was in regular ToC5 when I was blamed for the wipe when the DPS was still focusing on Paletress when she was bubbled. Everyone gripes about how their server has an excess of these type of people, and I'm not saying mine has more - I just want a break from it.

I tried a little PvP, doing BG's and whatnot, since I don't feel my reaction time in PvP is up to snuff for arenas. It's quickly getting old. I'm lucky that Horde in my battle group seems to win more often than not, but PvP in battlegrounds has turned into everything else in the game - a rush. I haven't been able to actually run an instance and look around in ages. I've always enjoyed taking the time out to look around and really just enjoy the story, which you really can't experience in any type of 5 man's anymore, and a good 'ole AV just doesn't exist.

I've considered working on achievements, but with the Dungeon/Raid and PvP ones out the door, there's not a whole lot to do. Not to mention my characters are all rather poor, and my DK really hasn't leveled any professions. That pretty much leaves me with rep grinds - which I don't think any SANE person finds entertaining.

I really think my only options are just re-rolling an alt, or levelling up my old main - which was a Mage. It will kind of suck going through the same content again so soon after dinging 80, but it'll need to be done sometime... Aside from my DK, I've played a Mage, Rogue, and Warrior extensively, and think maybe getting a grasp on healing could be a fun part of the game. Still, thats just dealing with the same stress.

If you've read through this mild-mannered QQ, what would you try to achieve? I'm just looking for a finite goal that I can set for myself, and still feel like I accomplished something. Any responses are welcome. I'd be interested in hearing how other players get over this slump as well.