View Full Version : 10 man TOGC

10-09-2009, 08:56 AM
Allright, here is my question. Currently, I am in a 25 man raid guild that is running 10 man TOGC as a part of our normal progression runs. In order to do that we are breaking down to two groups in order to run the instance.

There have been discussions to try and get a third group together. In order to do that we would need some of the melee dpsers in our guild to be willing to tank.

I am currently one of those DPSers. I think my gear is boarderline as to whether I would be a viable tank.

Using Rawr to get info I am leaning towards two options:

Blood Tank Spec(52/8/11) - which in frost presence & HOW puts me at 35.8K health, 56% avoidance, 60% Armor Damage Reduction.

Frost Tank Spec(15/51/5) - which in frost presence & HOW puts me at 34.1K health 59% avoidance and 62% Armor Damage Reduction.

At this point with borderline gear - would the additional 1.7K health and the strength of Will of the Necropolis be a better bet for success then the Frost build?