View Full Version : The worse thing ever made by man

10-08-2009, 09:43 AM
This is... truly amazing. I cant even describe to you the awesomeness of this to find the absolute worst thing made by man!

Quick note: Content warning! Mild sexual themes and foul language. If your easily offended by such things, or cannot stand bad grammar, maybe pass this one up.

So what this is is a video review of a comic book called WARRIOR. Im ashamed to say that it shares the same name as my class. The review itself is very good and intelligent(ish), but the comic book is... oh god... It hurts, physically, it hurts to read!

The videos beginning may be a bit confusing. This is a crossover event for many different internet reviewers so they have a few inside jokes for the first 2 minutes. So don't judge by just the start... once it gets to the meat of it, wow!

So yeah, give it a watch. It will change your world!

Again: CONTENT WARNING, Mild sexual themes and extreme language!


Sorry for ruining Christmas for you (if you watch it to the end, you'll hate me)