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10-08-2009, 09:23 AM

My guild will be trying anub'arak on heroic 10man version tonight. I was wondering if anyone can please help with some usefull info. I have read tons of topics that were posted about it, however i did notice the groups that were rogue friendly(FoK, throwing spec) are now a little old since it was nerfed last patch. Can anyone just throw out some type of suggestions. I am mostly concerned w/ the adds now since the rogue aoe has been gimped. Can you let the adds submerge going into P3 just to nuke the boss and dismiss any other adds to ensure a victory? Can a warrior spell reflect the shadow cast the adds do? Well, ty in advance.

10-08-2009, 03:30 PM
The warrior can't spell reflect anything; more often than not the adds don't target the warrior who is tanking them.

Here's how we do it:
go with two tanks, 2 healers, 6 dps.
Aim to get Anubarak to 60% health before he burrows the first time.
Tank anubarak near where he starts. Put an ice patch right behind him. Then bring the adds to the ice patch. Make sure that they are on there. DPS should AoE/cleave them while hitting Anub'arak; if they can't do that, single target down the adds.
When they start to cast shadow strike, aoe stun them. Finish them.
All DPS should now be on Anub'arak if they are not strong AOE.
Second set of adds comes and is largely ignored. DPS down Anub'arak.
Pull him off to the side around 3-5 seconds before his submerge.
When he submerges, all dps (save the one targeted by anubarak) should kill the remaining adds. Then focus on the scarabs while bringing down ice. You can use up to 5 patches of ice here; don't be stingy or stupid.

When Anubarak comes up, position him again so that his butt is on ice. Then bring the adds to him again, same as before. Kill the adds again, same as before. Then focus on Anub'arak. The goal is to get him to 30% here. If you need to, pop bloodlust.

As soon as you hit 30%, finish off the remaining adds. Then kill Anubarak. You can continue to kill the adds or just burn down the boss and let the adds burrow, but this can be risky. Make sure that you do not heal too much during this phase. Mighty frost resistance pots work great here to deal with penetrating cold and give the healers time to react.