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Infraction: One reason couldn't begin to cover it all
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Insulted people? Check.

Excessive sarcasm? Check

if you could read you would know that so id have to assume that u cannot read or that maybe English isn't ur first language
The irony here beggars belief. Your posts are on the verge of complete illegibility. Make an effort, at least.

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Sirloin UA is a retarded spec, saying people are retarded for staying in their same tanking spec is idiotic. N TotC does not justify a UA spec nor does it assist with any of the fights. Using UA in N TotC is simply beating your own chest and elevating the epeen factor. UA is NOT a viable heroic build and I'm not going to change my fury offspec for a gimmick spec that is just there to amuse me. Really you do not need that kind of TPS in current content intelligent use of vigilance in your conventional spec is more than adequate for threat purposes.

Using a gimmick spec as evidence that your TPS is godly is in short full of shit seeing as you wouldn't tank progression in it, if you do you are doing your raid in injustice. This isn't a place for you to beat your chest and rave about UA, shit I'm sure I can go UA stack DPS gear and do godly DPS but at the end of the day if you aren't using it to tank proper bosses (N TotC does not count seeing as pugs farm that shit) then the example is full of shit. Achieve these numbers on Gormokk and I'll eat my words.

Also if you are going to post bold claims at least post a supporting log and if you are only using Omen as a guide.... well you are doing it wrong.

ummm learn to read bud ... i think there are primary shcools that still take retards ... i said its for farm content to be useful in the dps department ... and yes gimick specs are used on farm content like normal tocs ... the thread is addressing the fact that this cant be done by tanks, and im saying yes it can in certain specs ... so i am answering the THREAD (you know what u do when u post, im assuming you don't know from your post ) ... that amount of tps can be achieved easily

ur arguing a point and a fact that was never made by me .. i said nothing about using it in heroic ... not even once, if you could read you would know that so id have to assume that u cannot read or that maybe English isn't ur first language

Point of the matter is 8-10k tps can be done and so can 3k + dps by a tank

(oh and ps LOL dont wanna change ur fury spec ???? i respec like 5-6 times a week cause its helpfull ... stop being stingy bastard and spend some gold on a resepc, wow .... just wow, so because u have duel spec now u have the inability to respec ??? wow dude )

also none of this is a bold claim ... anyone can spec this and use it ???? so i have no idea what ur going on about once again maybe some reading lessons may help you