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10-07-2009, 08:10 PM
in the final days of burning crusade it was paramount for tank paladins to use caster weapons for tanking (ie. cudgel of consecration). but these days every well established tank paladin ive asked about this strongly advise against caster weapon tanking. im asking for a sort of detailed explanation and possibly an example of why which is better

10-07-2009, 08:47 PM
Because Paladins don't gain any appreciable bonuses from +spell power. You want a standard 1h tank weapon, just like warriors. Stamina, Strength, +def, +dodge, +parry, etc.

10-07-2009, 09:21 PM
Hammer of I Win is based off your weapon DPS (4x DPS iirc) and hits 3 (4 glyphed) mobs, and is on the shorter cooldown (6 vs. 8), so having it hit harder is delicious, for single or multi-target threat. For single target or boss tanking, you'd get a much better benefit from the extra damage on Hammer, especially should you start running low on mana for any reason (Consecration is the first ability to drop from the rotation)

For example.
If you were using the Mageblade from Onyxia-10, it does 103.2 DPS.
Ardent Guard from ToC-10 does 178.7 DPS, an increase of 75.5 DPS.
This means Hammer of the Righteous would do ~300 more damage every use.

Going to WoWhead, Consecration does (113 + 4% SP:H + 4% AP) per tick.
The Mageblade has 550 Spell Power, so it would give it an additional 22 damage/tick, for 176 extra damage.
The Ardent Guard has 52 strength, for 104 AP pre-modifiers. The Touched by the Light talents would give 60% of the strength as Spell Power, for 31 Spell Power (Just over 1 extra damage a tick), and the AP would grant slightly over 4 damage a tick, so to be safe I'll say 5 damage a tick for 40 damage total.

So with a conventional weapon, not only does Hammer hit quite a bit harder, as well as your white swing, but you still get some damage added to Consecration.

Don't forget about Seal of Vengeance/Corruption as well. The DoT component gets more benefit from AP than SP:H (2.5% vs. 1.3%), and once you hit the 5-stack, it deals addional damage based off your weapon damage. The Judgement does (1 + 22% SP:H + 14% AP), so overall it should still get more of a contribution from the AP portion as your total AP will be much higher than your Spell Power.

As Erja said, with a tank weapon you also gain the benefit of extra defensive stats that a tank weapon would have. Using the same weapons from earlier, the Ardent Guard would give you 48 more Stamina, 52 strength (26 block value, which also adds to Shield of Righteousness), 448 armor, 27 defense rating, and 19 dodge rating.

10-08-2009, 03:42 AM
Hi there!

The days of the caster weapons are gone for the bubble boys.

Our skills were redesigned and now all scale much more favorable in the way of strength and stam. Baseline skills are based on the weapons DPS.

Long story short.

Your skills hit harder with a high DPS weapon (which caster weps aren't).
You get spellpower from strength (Guarded by the light talent) which doubles the bonus of strength on the offensive side (and caster weps don't have strength).

Grab yourself a tanking weapon and enjoy the same defensive bonuses as the other tanks while still maintaining the same threat advantages as with spellpower weapons as before.