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10-06-2009, 09:47 PM
Ok I'm very new to tanking but healed enough tanks on my priest to get the basics. So I rolled a Warrior on Jubei'Thos and followed some guides to be ready for my first instance run. Everything had been fine so far where there aren't a lot of mobs but when I did CoT (Strathholme) or Old Kingdom, things went to poo.

I loose control of the adds and the healer generally gets smacked. I thunderclap and shockwave all the time. Generally though I find I'm miss timing these so when a mob appears my TC or SW is on cooldown.

Can anyone offer any advise on what they think I may be doing wrong or how I can improve ?

10-07-2009, 01:21 AM
Try to do as much as you can to minimize the damage you take. The less damage you take the less threat the healer will build up.

Make sure you are throwing up Shield Block and Demo Shout. That should keep the damage down a little bit to allow you to generate some threat on the mobs.

10-07-2009, 01:24 AM
It helps to tab+smash cleave button too, and if you want to focus in aoe tanking, you have the cleave glyph that strikes an extra mob ;)

10-07-2009, 02:23 AM
Some "obvious" things but worth mentioning if it's your first time tanking heroics etc.

- Use namplates (press V) and cycle through mobs single target as well as using cleave + tclap + sw. Still try to use shield slam & revenge on your first target if there are people single target dpsing too.

- Use glyph of cleave if you're doing heroics, a lot of packs come in 3 so it's easy threat on them all.

- Avoiding getting mobs hitting you from behind, extra damage from unavoided hits = extra healing = extra healer aggro.

- Vigilance your healer if you do miss a mob, so if they get hit you get you're taunt refreshed. If a dps keeps pulling aggro then stick it on them.

- Make sure you have 535 (for heroics) defense or close enough to avoid getting crit

- If you can't taunt and someone may die from aggro, use concussion blow as it stuns for a long time and buys you enough seconds to gain control again.

- When pulling a pack, use your heroic throw on a caster so it gets silenced and moves with the rest of of the pack, instead of casting from range and avoiding your aoe threat.

- Be weary of shockwave missing, only use it when you're sure all the mobs are tightly in front of you to be hit by the cone.

- Use shield block on pull, the reflected damage also helps build threat on multiple mobs and reduces the damage you take which, again, means the healer will be generating less aggro.

10-07-2009, 03:07 AM
All good advice so far. I've been running a build with vigilance, improved cleave & the cleave glyph for exactly this purpose, not really a standard build but it seems to be helping me. After a few months away from my warrior, all my dps friends are now much better geared than me & keeping aggro in heroics is hard work. I tend to charge in with a TC , pull back a few steps & then SW, now a few devastates on the primary target & start cleaving. Tab devastate, cleave, tab, devastate, cleave, with TC & SW whenever they are up. The sunder armour & devastate glyphs help a lot here too.

I look out for healers, with intervene/mocking blow, concussion/shockwave, taunt & shouts; and as for dps, my shammy friend yesterday was hitting chain lightning before my first TC had even landed, you will never have that perfect control over the situation with group mates like these, and letting a dps try a bit of tanking sometimes doesn't hurt :)

Also don't be too harsh on yourself, tanking can be hard work & as you do more runs in the likes of CoT you'll build up strategies for certain pulls. Experiment with your abilities & it'll get easier.

10-07-2009, 03:52 AM
Hah, i reply this thread just becos of u playing the same realm as me :P

Xianth had mostly the basic things u need to know (except that def capped for heroic should be 535 lol). I just throw some advance here:

- 1st of all, learn the skills priority. By now for threat it should be SS > Revenge > Devastate. TC and Shockwave should always be on CD while tanking multiple targets.

- When pulling a pack including caster, yes HT on him. A good example is the 1st patrol pack in Old Kingdom, u can easily pull the 2nd pack if u just charge.

- Also, try to tank them where the caster mob is, cos caster seems not to move so often. If there are 2 casters, HT/Shield bash 1, and move to the other.

- Got your Omen addon installed. While u tabbing, track on how close the 2nd is, on threat. If it seems he gonna pull the mob off u, throw him a couple of SS/Revenge/Dev, and keep tabbing.

- For nameplate, i found Aloft is so great on helping u tracking threat. Install it, type /Aloft waterfall, in Nameplate Glow, check Enable, Use Health Bar and Explicit Low Threat Indicator. It turns mobs' healthbar into somekind of "threat indicator" that changes bar's color whenever u lose aggro/low on threat/etc the mob.

Hope it helps. Also sorry for my horrible English >.<

10-07-2009, 07:15 PM
Thanks all for some excellent advice and all of which I will start to put into effect tonight.

10-08-2009, 06:15 AM
(except that def capped for heroic should be 535 lol).

aye, typo :o