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10-06-2009, 12:33 AM
So, jist of this thread is to gain some advice on how to down this(lord jaraxxus 10man heroic). My guild runs thru normal version of this and clears 25 version on the same night. We have no problems whatsoever, however 10 ToGC we can only get to lord jaraxxus and basically are shut down every stinkin week. So, group comp is usually 3mages-3 healers-2 tanks-hunter-rogue. We STRUGGGGGGLE to say the least. we are good thru about 3 waves of adds then 4th we cannot down the volcano in time. Closest we have been to him was about 1.6 million of his health.

After talking with a few guildmembers of a top rank(on our server) guild, two group leaders tell me to stack melee for this fight. I get it, i see how that can work, but is it the only way. Most of my group does 4-5k during this fight. Any tips, strats, suggetions, best practices or advice on this fight would be helpful. thank you in advance!

10-06-2009, 01:28 AM
Change setup to 1 tank 3 healers (2 is prolly pushing) and 6 dps, have tank moving to portal to grab mistress (if you get second you failed), and also have tank ignoring volcanos and elemental that spawn from them. Teach people not to stand in fire from elemental. I changed my spec from prot to fury here, we had our pala tank tanking, was a breeze after. Only problem is dps slacking and not switching fast to portal (volcano is much more forgiving), so when portal is about to spawn, tell dps to be ready and spam target portal macro, yelling on vent/ts also help for people with slow reflexes :]

10-06-2009, 01:45 AM
How many adds per portal and volcano are you normllay getting, imo this fight is a lot about fast dps changes, if you're 25manned geared (from Uldy and some colliseum) you should be able to 2 heal this if people are fast about moving from flames and not taking additional damage.

10-06-2009, 01:46 AM
We run with 3 healers, 2 tanks, 5 dps. Though if you're having trouble with dps, try 2 healers (a pally healer with beacon on the tanks works best), or 1 tank if they're confident.

Ideally you want to aim to get each Nether Portal down before the second sister spawns, and each Volcano before the fourth Infernal spawns. The Volcano dps isn't as important because the raid can simply just.. move away from the Infernals when they AoE. So don't panic if you get 4 infernals, just make sure people move quickly. One thing I've noticed is that stunning an Infernal after it's started casting the fire nova thing causes it to stop and go back to the tank resulting in less raid damage.

For Nether Portals, we blow all cooldowns/trinkets and whatever for the first. We blow Heroism about 10 seconds before the second, and we use cooldowns again for the third. Never had a problem doing it this way. If dps are slow at switching, get a /tar Nether Portal macro.

Some things that may help, make sure all DPS switch to the Volcano's and Portals, the tank can either eat the fireballs or interrupt it himself if he has the ability. When tanking Jaraxxus I also move to the portals/volcanos and dps them to put up sunders which helps out. Also any cleave damage will still hit the boss. We also get all dps to kill the adds so they die quicker resulting in less raid damage again.

Hope some of that helps.

10-09-2009, 07:13 AM
We finally got it!!! then we one shot everything up to anub afterwards. We did 2 tanks and all ranged. I did all the interrupts on the boss as well as helped dps down the adds and portals/volcanoes. Worked out fine. Ty for the input!