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10-03-2009, 03:25 PM
I've been tanking since i dinged 80 in hero's gear (6 months ) . never really had a problem with keeping aggro.

Just recently however its been an issue. i use a mouseover for righteous fury alot !

I've kinda soloed myself without a guild for advice, so I've just read and read for build advice, rotations etc

Main problems have been warlocks and recently a hunter in Gundrak ( not sure if he was showing off ) , in Gundrak things were fine . then all of a sudden almost everything was being aggroed by this hunter.

The mob will be on me one sec then all of sudden fly straight at the hunter. this continued after this everytime. then im balled at " you need to work on your aggro "

This has kinda knocked my confidence a little.
heres my The World of Warcraft Armory (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Bloodfeather&cn=Putlog&gn=Dirty+Minds)

Ive been using two main macros for tanking. im not sure if its a great idea or not ( space saving really )

1st /startattack
/castsequence [mod:ctrl] Consecration; reset=5 Holy Shield, Judgement of Wisdom, Consecration

2nd /startattack
/castsequence [modifier:ctrl] Divine Plea;reset=5 Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of Righteousness

Lastly if someones getting aggro ill use this macro
#showtooltip Righteous Defense
/cast [help,target=mouseover] [help,target=mouseovertarget] Righteous Defense

I'm not sure if i should cast on the player or the mobs. while i know its a taunt. i still dont quite get it.

Sorry for the long post ;)

Thx upfront

10-03-2009, 08:16 PM
Don't see any glaring issues with your spec or rotation.

You are however nowhere close to being hit capped and while prior to the latest patch and the Righteous Fury nerf that generally wasn't a problem, now to help generate threat I'd start stacking hit.

(Hopefully someone can confirm or refute this!) The melee cap is 263 and spell hit is 446. As a pally a lot of your threat is from Holy Damage not just melee so you need to get a lot of hit (hopefully past the melee hit?). Don't, of course, give up being defense capped (540) for it. Since the patch (I'm not hit capped either), I've been using Elixir of Accuracy (+45 hit Battle Elixir) and eating Snapper Extreme (+40 hit). Once you get more hit you can start stacking Expertise too. Your threat will actually improve because you are hitting things.

The other thing to consider. If the hunter is pulling aggro then he/she is a bad hunter. They should never pull aggro-they've got Misdirect and Feign Death-so don't feel sorry if he/she is so stupid they pull from you. Likewise, Warlocks have Soul Shatter and should use it. When the healer, however, is pulling aggro, then you have a big problem.

My rotation is pretty simple: Avenger's Shield, Consecrate (walking to the back of the AOE so they have to walk through all of it), Holy Shield (before they get to me), and then Hammer of Righteousness (and away we go with the 696 rotation). If someone peels away from me, I never use Righteous Defense, but target them and hit Hand of Reckoning and back at it.

I always set my healer as the focus target and have a macro
#showtooltip Hand of Salvation
/cast [target=focus, exists] Hand of Salvation

that allows me to cast it on the healer so he/she don't pull aggro by mistake to help with that.

Other things of note....in Gundrak, the Gorlocs downstairs do bounce to other people in the party, but if you're #1 on threat they'll come right back.

In Trial of the Champion, I frontload threat on the Black Knight by casting Exorcism then Avenger's Shield and use Holy Wrath on phase 2 when he summons the adds (which have no threat table). I also have a stack of Runic Mana potions that I use too cause depending on the healer I do run out (Discipline Priests especially) and I never like running out in the middle of a fight.

In almost every heroic instance they're is one area where it is hard to grab all the mobs (right before you go outside in H UK, the 3rd group of dragonkin when you are inside in H COT4, trying to wrangle the champions when its the rogue, the hunter, and the mage in H ToC) so get comfortable with Hand of Reckoning.

In my experience, Pally tanking is considerably easier than Druid tanking, so don't stress too much about losing aggro to dps. Since I'm gearing a lot of toons, I running with ppl that are killing me on dps meters and pulling aggro. They'll learn to play their class.

My rules: 1) if the healer dies, it's the tanks fault; 2) if the tank dies it's the healer's fault; and 3) if the dps dies it's the dps's fault.

10-04-2009, 07:01 PM
As a pally a lot of your threat is from Holy Damage not just melee so you need to get a lot of hit (hopefully past the melee hit?)

I wouldn't personally worry about being over the melee hit cap - while Exorcism, Hand of Reckoning and the first tick of Consecration work on Spell Hit the increase in TPS declines incredibly rapidly after the melee cap.

Additionally, while more Hit will affect your TPS, you still get more threat per point of Strength than per point of Hit, even below the Hit Cap. What Hit gives you is more consistent TPS with fewer fluctuations, but over the course of an entire encounter Strength will win out. This is true even more so since 3.2.2 with the change to Touched by the Light.

This only ceases to be the case at around ~2900 Block Value, as there is an upper limit on the amount Block Value can contribute to Shield of Righteousness damage. At that point, Hit up until the cap is higher threat per point than that of Strength.

More detail and all the underpinning mathematics can be found in Theck's MATLAB Analysis post on Maintankadin. The specific post in question regarding threat from various stats is here.

10-06-2009, 10:56 PM
Many thanks for the reply . i do like the idea of the focus macro on the healer. also thanks for the support with dps.

Just as a side question ( maybe i should start a new thread ) im stacking stamina as most tanks do . at the moment im around 36k unbuffed.
I'm seeing a trend here with tanks on my realm to see who can raise their HP the most.

Do you guys think i could drop some stamina and gem for Hit as you say . or str gems. I have 450 JC on another character.

Thx again
regards Uj

10-07-2009, 04:08 AM
It really depends on what you're tanking to be honest - for Heroics and Naxx you can safely drop a whole bunch of HP for other things (Strength / Block Value being particularly nice here due to the fast-but-light mob hits). Bear in mind that if you're only doing Heroics then you only need 5.4% Hit rather than 8% in order to be capped against the mobs you'll face.

For Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader the bosses hit slow and incredibly hard and the only way to survive that is with lots of Effective Health (HP and Armor) and then as much avoidance as you can find.

Most tanks carry a few different pieces of gear around with them as they collect drops and so there's nothing wrong with having a few pieces gemmed for Strength or Hit for a "threat set" but that probably won't see much use outside of a couple of fights or if you find you're almost always on adds rather than the boss.