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10-01-2009, 07:25 AM
I am curretly doing TOC 10 and ULD 10, normal modes. I wont have the opportunity to get into any 25mans, and if I do get it its on a rare occasion. Now I have massed up quite a bit of Triumph Badges, so I have to option of getting tier 9 with those badges, or get 1 more piece of Tier 8, and get my 4 pcs bonus. To all you endgame tanks out there, is it better to forget about t8 and just upgrade to t9 with emblems or is the t8 4pc bonus that good.

This is my armory link: The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Laughing+Skull&n=Lindin)

I have in my inventory the T8 badge Helm and the token for the uld 10 tier 8 legs. From looking at the t9 gear, its not that much of an upgrade and I loose some block.

Another quetsion how do I know if I am unhitable?

FYI I have about 110 triumph badges.


10-01-2009, 09:12 AM
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10-01-2009, 10:43 AM
IMO the 8.5 4 set was very lame, where the T9 4 set is absolutely awesome!

10-01-2009, 11:35 AM
First off, don't use your emblems to buy emblem-only T9. It's an utter waste, with the possible exception of the gloves because there simply are no other tanking gloves.

Get the 245 level Shoulders and Helm, get the 245 ring, get both the ret AND prot librams. The set bonuses are immaterial compared to the real, always on always important bonsues of extra stam, strength, armor, and avoidance from higher ilvl gear you can get from the offset badges.

Work your way into TOC 10 heroic... it's really not hard, and can very feasibly be done in TOC 10 normal gear. Block is a barely relevant stat except when you're tanking Anub'arak adds, feel free to ignore it. This goes doubly for block rating (which becomes lovely on Anub adds but again, gimmick fights do not make tanking rules); at least block value provides you some threat.

The T8 4-piece you asked about was a nice chunk of threat, but just swapping your libram to the 200 strength libram, alone will make that up. It's not worth keeping lower ilvl gear - as you upgrade your gear, you'll get more strength on it which will naturally push your threat as well.

A bit of unsolicited advice on the spec you're currently running...

Divinity is virtually useless. Almost every heal you receive will overheal you, and it is very, very rare that 3% more incoming will save your life. Compare that to potential talents like Divine Sacrifice, which lets you shieldwall another tank (1 point cooldown? yes please), Imp HoJ, which gives you a somewhat viable interrupt, or even 3/5 reckoning if you want a teensy bit more threat.

Second, why in the world are you in Benediction? If you're running out of mana to the point that 5% cheaper spells is helping you, 1) Keep Divine Plea and Blessing of Sanctuary up more. 2) Either don't tank Vezax, respec for Vezax, or drop consecration out of your rotation. This is literally the only fight you should have mana issues with even with 1/2 Spiritual attunment and 0/5 Benediction, which is by FAR the most common and standard endgame build. DO get 1/2 imp judgements. DO NOT use Glyph of Consecration. DO get Glyph of Seal of Vengeance - it's the single best threat glyph we have. Finally, since some of your spec and glyphing choices show that you aren't aware,

As much as I Loveeeeee me some Tankspot, this is still an originally Warrior-centric forum. You need paladin centric advice.

So DO go over to maintankadin.failsafedesign.com and study up on what a 969 rotation is, why it makes you a more successful and valuable tank, and why you need to make the changes I suggested in Judgement and Con to viably maximize your threat while tanking.

Finally, with regards to unhitability: if you have holy shield up you're probably unhittable, if you don't you're definitely not, and unless you're tanking Heroic Anub'arak adds it literally does not matter in the slightest. Unhittable is an out of date concern for standard fight tanking.

10-09-2009, 06:07 AM
Thanks for the advice man. Since I last posted I have made some upgraded, i managed to get into a TOC 25, and I got my hands on a throphy, so we will see what I can upgrade now.

Tks man