View Full Version : Talents and Gems for Arms

09-30-2009, 07:55 PM
I am trying to improve my DPS off-spec as an Arms Warrior and would greatly appreciate some advice.

1) Armor Pen.
I have read that if the following are true ArP is better then gemming for STR:
- if you have at least 30% ArP from gear
- if you have an ArP trinket and are under 70% ArP
- if you do not have an ArP trinket and are under 100% ArP

Now with the recent nerf in the patch does the above still hold true? Should I be gemming all slots (aside from ones needed to activate meta) for ArP? Or would STR provide more DPS?

2) Talents
Currently Im running with Imp Execute, with only 1 pnt in Imp Mortal Strike.

Would I gain more dps from changing the 2 pnts in Imp Execute over to Imp MS to max it out?