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09-30-2009, 01:57 AM
Hi everyone.

I am a casual player as, I have a job I have a family and sometimes do the odd social encounter :). I like playing warcraft and I love playing tank.played since vanilla wow as one and cant see my self doing anything else than being a prot spec warrior.
but latley I seem to be doing something wrong. I came back to wow a month ago,as I took a break to be a father.did a few normal 80's instances to relearn the trade and since then I have been farming heroics for badges. and lately 10 man raids. (the part up to and including Flame leviathan is soem of the more fun things I've done)

this is where my problem currently is. my single target tps according to omen is around 5k ish and can reach over 6k in raids (acording to omen.)
I am currently using glyphs intended to make my AoE threat better for heroics. also is this ok ?
now to the problem at hand. I keep dying. in raids.and very fast.
I though I had somewhat of a grasp of my class but it seems I don't.
is it my gear ? I've been told its bad. though I thought it was good. I know the avoidance coulde be boosted a little and I'm slowly working on it.
I've had 1 raid with my guild in ulduar and it was a great run. however the continuos setbacks in other 10 mans and some heroics, is making me doubt. if this was jsut once in a while thing I wouldn't have thought much of as getting thrashed for crap tanking is part of the job. but getting whispers like "lol Noob gear" and other inventive phrasings and people whispering me to delete wow and die kinda makes me eant to do jsut that
so pleas what can I do to get better.
this is my armory profile. Durendal, silvermon - eu
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Silvermoon&n=Durendal)

I take pride in my tanking and nothing gives me more satisfaction than completing a run as good as I can.keeping everyone miles away on the threat and giving the healer as little as possible to do.

09-30-2009, 02:14 AM
Gear, gems, enchants, spec all look good. If you're still having trouble, one of three things is probably happening.

1) Your technique is bad. I somehow doubt that's the problem, given that you've made smart choices on the other stuff and the fact that you are introspective enough to come on a forum and ask where the problem is.

2) You are attempting content that is over your head. Not much you can do to fix this except keep farming the instances you're doing okay in.

3) The other members of your raid are not carrying their weight. Since you said you were dying quickly, it's almost certainly your healers (if it was your DPS you'd be dying later on, when the healers are out of mana).

Also, there is no excuse for the sort of comments you are receiving. Don't put up with that kind of abuse, and don't try to argue with them, just put them on /ignore and then forget about them.

09-30-2009, 02:18 AM
Heya, first and foremost **gnomehug** from a fellow EU-SM'er. To me your gear looks good for all the heroics and 10mans (ToTC might give you some trouble but you should be fine for Uldy). Your glyphs are perhaps a little original (mocking blow?) but that's hardly going to make you stop dieing! People could argue imp disciplines might help but you shouldn't be dieing in heroics with 34k hp.

Is it possibly a combination of bad healing, perhaps compounded by rustiness on your part of boss abilities (I mention this only cos you say you've taken a break), if you could give more details on specific heroic/raid bosses you're dieing on that might help.

Our realm has it's fair share of idiots, so I would try and not let random whispers get you down too much.

09-30-2009, 03:13 AM
I was thinking I perhaps was a bit rusty so I've read up on every guide I could find to make sure I did everything right. I think I'm doing things right judging from what I have read. threat is ok.

the stuff I have problem with is mainly onyxia, sartharion and naxx (the anubrekan or whats his name and no I|m not standing in the green water:P), the latter I find strange as I did a naxx boss a year or so ago with 10 000 less hp and considerably worse gear. I am confident in my abilities in tanking onyxia and sartharion.
of the heroics Old kingdom seems to be a problem as well as CoS first boss with druid healers for some reason. I might have had a streak of bad luck but the "OMFG TANK!!!!" stuff has been happening a lot lately.

as for the mocking blow was from a year ago when I wanted to try Arms and tanking as arms ( I was arms for about 2 hours before respeccing) since then I|ve been planning on gettin glyph of bloodrage. but never did :P

I have been watching and learning all of the raid encounters I join by reading wowwikia and watching marmot videos. I personalyl like to think I have a decent knowledge of them. but I'll go through it again.

I may jsut have been out for silvermoons best of the best capslock commanders. and the easyness of blaming the tank. but I just wanted to make sure I had everything right.

thanks for hte feedback good its not hte gear atleast. TotC 10 man is over my head I wont go there until the guild is ready to go :) I was hoping to perhaps be able to do the 25 man nax or onyxia but I'lll drop that until I've improved my gear.
thanks for hte replies much apriciated :)

and shortypop , I'll make sure to give you a hug should I see you in dalaran :)


09-30-2009, 03:43 AM
To be honest I just wanted to agree with everyone here - your gear looks fine and your health is fine, certainly for heroics. I would just add don't be afraid to pop cooldowns like shield wall and last stand if you think your healer has been incapacitated in some way (first boss of CoS does a stun/silence thing I think).

Also another "Hi!" from a fellow EU-SM'er =)

09-30-2009, 05:07 AM
Only thing I would suggest is take 2 points out of safeguard and 1 point out of improved revenge to max out focused rage (just a suggestion, you will love it soon).

I know people have said it before and I would like to add just a bit, but your gearing/gemming/enchanting choices are very good. I would be hard pressed to not say that you are a good tank.

My 2 cents here, since the influx of emblem changes there has been a mad rush of heroics on every server which has cause a lot of undergeared pople to run heroics. I have had my fair share of issues in heroics with pally healing in ret spec/ mage pulling/ priest trying to heal H-OK in full T4 (cuz its ZOMG purple !!), and tank doing twice the dps of every FREAKING dps ( :( ). What I have done is,

1. Tell everyone, if you pull in first 10 secs of the pull its your fault after than its mine.
2. Stop trying to save the dpser who is dpsing off target
3. Get an addon grim reaper, it tell you how anyone died and than you can spam it in chat so that you can point out why you or someone died.
4. Be on the top of your game, use a dps meters do that you can point out dpsers and healers what wrong

etc etc... you get the idea

Dont have to be rude but dont take abuse if its not you. Also we all have bad night shake it off and keep going.

Hope this helps

09-30-2009, 05:28 AM
Onyxia hits decently hard, so remember to keep debuffs on her at all times, and to save berserker rage for fears. (REMEMBER! frenzied regen does not allow you to use berserker rage during its duration) Other than that, make sure tremor totem is down during p3, and if you are tanking the big adds in p2, disarm them and ask for your rogues to do the same.

Sartharion shouldnt be a problem unless you are doing it with some drakes up. If you are dying on breaths, i would suggest getting imp disciplines so you have cooldowns more frequently for those.

For Anub in naxx, i assume you are dying during that cast, the name of which slips my mind. If you are using the stand in place method, which honestly I think most people do, make sure you have the boss sideways, so that you can be in range of healers, if you are behind him and have him straight, theyd have to get to close and silence themselves from his cast. Besides that use cooldowns either right before his cast finishes or right after the debuff wears off to help survive.

09-30-2009, 07:05 AM
I'm a pally so I'm not a good resource for warrior specs but I have to reiterate what a few others have said. When you pug a heroic or 10-man, you get a mixed bag. I've had great groups and crappy groups but more often than not I've had a mix bag. I've had VoA pugs where the best healer in terms of total healing was a pally that primarily used Flash of Light and never used Holy Light. I've had numerous heroics where I'm the top or 2nd place dps'er. I've had groups where nub dps pull extra groups and die or hit off targets and wonder why they pull aggro.

What I'm saying is take it all with a grain of salt and analyze things objectively. If it's a healer you trust and he or she is telling you that you take way too much damage it is one thing. If you are getting told you are a crappy tank in a random pug, it could be someone else. Recount has some good graphs that you can use to analyze healing in addition to dps (its how I found out the pally was using FoL).

You gear looks decent enough for a 10-man run but there is always room for improvement. Best advice I can give you is try to get into or assemble a good group and run with them.

09-30-2009, 07:14 AM
One thing you might try is specing / glyphing for 2 min shield wall and last stand. That should let you use them proactively and frequently, which can help make up for slow healers.

Gear / spec looks fine.

Just a couple 'oh duh' things you might have forgotten:
* Remove the /sit keybind - defaulted to X. If you oops hit this while tanking a boss, you get crit
* Make sure you're always facing the boss
* When moving, be mindful of your healers positions and don't go out of range. If you do have to run out of their range, communicate what you're doing so they have a chance to react.
* A lot of boss damage in WotLK raids is based around predictable / semi-predictable spikes. Know when these are and be ready to pop cool downs if it looks like you'll be in trouble when they go off.

Best of luck and keep plugging away :)

09-30-2009, 07:16 AM
Your gear is more than fine, I would assume it's a healer problem; I think the key is you saying that you're guild runs are good, but it's the PuGs that are the issue. I think you're running into the emblem's curse i.e. over geared, under experienced healer's/dpsers.

H OK is a pain in the butt instance, that one room that's filled with mobs and leads to three bosses can be a nightmare, I don't care how geared you are; one bad pull, one idiot dps'er and the room is aggroed and it's a wipe.

Ony's giving eveyone fits these days, but it will get easier when people learn the raid make up.

All in all sounds to me like you have a PuG healer problem. Also, don't listen to idiots. Seems everyone has a tank, and eveyone knows your class better then you, everyone knows how your gear better than you, etc. Makes me wonder why there's a tank shortage.

P.S. if dps'rs are off target or the mage in the group wants to spam pyroblast and aggro the planet, let them die. My alt is a very well geared hunter and I pull a lot of aggro, I've learned to set my Omen to warn i.e. "you.........will.........die" when I get to 90% threat on the tank; if I pop another Explosive Shot into the mob, get full threat and die it's my own damn fault, I have tools to get away or drop theat. Good dps know how to play their toon and know how to drop threat when needed.

09-30-2009, 07:27 AM
thanks for all the answers , and its good to hear all the nice things said in this post. though I did a reglyph and a respecc to include focused rage and I like it. also disarm is something I hardly use enough most of the times I haven't fount that it was worth the rage as I have been starting to become rage starved in heroics. seems to work remarkably well. I use intervene alot I have it hot keyed on "g" however I'm not sure what I was thinking when putting points in it ..... must have been really tired that day :P
disarming is something I think is really cool, for some reason I have been neglecting it a bit (bar from a select few bosses) not sure how disarm is threat wise but I remember from long ago that it did additional threat (however thats not in the tooltip now)
I reglyphed and I am ready to rock and roll again. thanks for the kind encouraging words and awesome tips. I'm thinking about making a makro to spam before instance start with some "don't do's". (however I fear the gogo's will misunderstand:P )
thanks again for all the help I really had a bad night last night, but revitalized now

oh and hi bulk :) cool to se so many silvermoon people here.


09-30-2009, 09:09 AM
Like everyone else said, the problem is most likely your group, not you. Your gear and spec look good.

If it were me, here are the changes I'd try out if you still feel changing something would help.

For gear, I'd drop the emblem pants and try to get the leguards of abandoned fealty from ToC. They're actually itemized better than the badge pants. Also, try to get the black heart trinket. The proc is amazing.

I'd drop the parry gems and go with expertise / stam and drop the armsman enchant for +15 expertise to gloves. Also, you may want to look at the 20 defense to shield enchant so you can play around with throwing straight stam gems in those yellow sockets if you don't care about the socket bonus (just make sure to stay above 540).

Hope that helps.

09-30-2009, 02:50 PM
I'd suggest getting an addon like recount with the grim reaper utility or obituary so that you can start to diagnose your deaths.

If you see concurrant strings of incoming damage uninterrupted by heals, the issue lies with your healing team.

I'd also replace one of those two stam trinkets with the easily obtained black heart..its a little less stam but the armor from the proc on the heart should not be overlooked.

Consider swapping those parry hybrid gems for dodge.

Try picking up a 5/15/51 spec (two specs are handy to have) with points in Improved Demo Shout to give you a little extra survivability in high damage encounters.

If you've got deep pockets, there are some decent BOE upgrades that can be had from Ulduar such as the Iron Council cloak and the shield from Ulduar. Signet of the Accord would also be an upgrade.

09-30-2009, 11:25 PM
I just changed some of the gear and lost alot of expertise. something I sorely miss I do not enjoy watching mobs dodge.

as for replacing the parry gems for pure dodge. My reasoning for getting the gems I have (+def/sta and parry/sta) is because I want to keep my avoidance ande health up. and taking diminishing returs into the picture I thought getting a bit of both was the way to go. but why should I go dodge before parry ? I find them to be relatively equal.

as for the Black heart I have yet to win the roll. and I try not to overplay instances to the point of them becomming boring. so I take one try a day. also limited game time doesnt help :P

as for money I spend most of them on enchants and gems and the inevitable huge repair bill with my time and the daylies I have jsut enough to keep my head above the water.

I will download recound and grim reaper when I get home from work.

09-30-2009, 11:38 PM
if people in your guild are telling you to uninstall and die, leave the freakin guild cause they suck, if people in a raid say it, leave the raid. I no longer tank raids simply because no matter what goes wrong, its the tanks fault. got sick of it. your gear is fine.

10-01-2009, 12:05 AM
the guild I am currently in have some of the nicest people I've met in wow in it , jsut to clarify it if I was a bit vague in my description :)

but yea I't seems to be easy to blame the tank.and imo its not helping on tank shortage.

10-01-2009, 02:52 AM
Pally tank here so expect not to much warrior like advice but one thing: You Sir have very high hit (over the cap) and very low expertise. That should be the other way around and you should eye that when choosing upgrades.

The rest has all been said.

Oh! And don't fear TotC. Gear says you're ready... ;)


10-01-2009, 03:11 AM
You Sir have very high hit (over the cap) and very low expertise.

I did a boo on the last gear upgrade as I focused a bit more on stamina than I should have I'm looking into regemming getting a new piece to replace something. thanks for the heads up , as expertise was lower than I thought it was

as for TotC, this instance I really want to do because of oll the shinies and the emblems. but I'm not gonna risk puging that one when I cant do onyxia 25 yet (gear may be ready but I am not ready for the abuse yet)