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09-29-2009, 03:56 PM
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<GLA>, a Horde raiding guild on the Executus server, is recruiting a few exceptional people / players for Hard Mode progression.

GLA is a strong raiding guild founded first and foremost on quality individuals stressing the importance of having a mature and respectful guild community. We are arguably the longest tenured guild on Executus (founded 11/17/2004) which demonstrates the stability of our core guild members. We do not deal with immaturity, disrespect, racial slurs, trade channel spam, or anything of the sort… the less drama the better.

We prefer players of college age or greater based purely on past experience... we do have a few younger players as well, but it isn't common. Also, regardless of how effective you are at your class, if you are looking for a free ride to loot you will not fit in...

We do take raiding quite seriously. Our raiding schedule consists of three main raid nights per week (Wed 8-12, Sun 730-12, Mon 8-12) and we use off nights for 10man Hard Mode runs, gearing up alts, helping out non-raider members of the guild, etc.

<GLA> has cleared:
- Ulduar 25m (heroics: FL, XT, Ho, IC)
- Ulduar 10m (heroics: All)
- ToC 25m (heroics: working on Beasts)
- ToC 10m (heroics: All)

What we are looking for:
- By far and away the most important factor: Quality individuals with a strong commitment to raiding and a desire to perform at the top of his/her class
- Most Desired – See forums.thegla.com , enter the Recruiting forum, and view the Recruiting Needs page

Our biggest need right now is not purely class specific… we are looking to add quality people to the guild who have a strong commitment to raiding.

If you think you fit the above description and are interested in being considered for acceptance into GLA, please visit forums.thegla.com and investigate the Recruiting forum.