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09-29-2009, 12:18 PM
Seduction is actively raiding WotLK Heroic raids and is recruiting members who are geared and ready to raid Ulduar, Toc, and Onyxia. Please visit Seductionguild.com for more information about us.

All classes

Even if a class is in low demand if you feel you might be a good fit for us please feel free to apply. We’re always looking for exceptional players. We are interested in those that take the time to gear themselves up.

Typical Raiding times/days (Muradin Server time)
• Tuesday – 9PM
• Friday – 9PM
• Saturday –7:30PM

About Seduction

Seduction is about 1.5 years old, but many of the guild members have been running and raiding together for two or three years. While there is a lot of continuity in our membership, new raiders are always welcome and many of our active raiders have been a member for six months or less.

Seduction is a balanced raiding guild, working very hard to maintain a balance between a casual atmosphere and serious, progression-minded raiding. We have no minimum raid attendance, nor do we have guaranteed raid spots. We are often light hearted and enjoy a good laugh, but we do take running our raids seriously and expect people to be mature, focused and non-disruptive. We are generally very helpful within our guild, both with raiders and people who are not raiding, but we don't "do runs" or focus on gearing people who aren't ready to raid.

We raid at least 3 nights a week, focusing on 25 mans but also doing 10 mans and even the occasional old world fun run. We use an EP/GP loot system which values commitment and consistent raiding but doesn't lock out newer members from the opportunity for new gear.

Most importantly, Seduction is about treating guild members (and others) with respect. We don't have age limits, but expect a certain amount of maturity from all our members when dealing with each other. We find that drama arises most often when people are not respecting each other, so we focus on that rather than having unrealistic "no drama" rules.

Reasons you might WANT to join Seduction:
• If you want to raid, but don't want to sign up for it as if it were a job
• If you really want to play you class at its best and continuing getting better
• If you like to play with people who enjoy the game and enjoy making progress with each other
• If you enjoy raiding and the challenges associated with it.
• If you really like making fun of Visionsjr and bogarting Nasek out of his Straholme Timed Run Drake

Reasons you might NOT want to apply:
• If you value progression, getting gear, and "winning" over treating fellow members with respect.
• If you believe strongly in minimum raid attendance
• If you believe that certain raiders should be guaranteed positions in raids
• If you think that loot should be awarded based solely on some performance metric
• If you don't agree with an EP/GP based loot system
• If you can't take, or believe that you never need, constructive feedback
• If you aren't willing to wipe and die many, many times while the guild works on it's next progression kill
• If you believe that the guild should provide consumable, enchants, gear, and all the other materials needed to be raid ready. (We often help with some of these, but you can't expect it)


• You must be able to follow instructions and have the capacity to think quickly and react accordingly.
• You must be able to take constructive criticism.
• You must be responsible for consumable, repairs and all other preparation for raids
• You must have a solid internet connection.
• You must have Ventrilo and a minimal number of other required add-ons. You don't have to talk, but you must be able to listen.
• All the right reputations done or in progress: if you have a tradeskill but don't have the imporant reputation based patterns or you don't have access to the enchants for head and shoulders, you need to get those.
• A good sense of humor!


• We are actively recruiting raiders for Ulduar, Toc, and Onyxia raiding. We accept applications for people who don't want to raid, or who are not yet ready, but we will not be gearing people by running old Naxx raids on a regular basis. Please be geared or have a personal plan for being geared if you want too raid Ulduar, ToC, and Onyxia with us.
• While we don’t have minimum raid attendance requirements, we are looking for consistent raiders
• You WILL sit on the bench for some raids. Raid spots are given based on class balance, signups, consistency, and skill.
• For new recruits, there is an average 2-4 week probation phase, in which we check out our new recruits abilities and in-game priorities.


If you want to apply, fill out an application post on www.seductionguild.com &bull; Index page (http://www.seductionguild.com). People who take the time to post an intelligent and well thought out application are those who we will take seriously. Please do not post a incomplete application. If you don’t fill it out we’re not going to accept you.

The recruiting officer will look over your application, and contact the people we're interested in. If you're accepted as an applicant, the process can take several weeks to become a full member.

Our recruiting officer is Deathjester and our Guild Leader is Eniia/Tockra. If you have any further questions about recruiting, please contact either of them in-game.