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09-29-2009, 08:16 AM
Currently 4/5 Heroic ToC 25 and working on Heroic 25 Anub'arak.

Halcyon is currently looking for a few good recruits to help balance/stack our raid composition for when a progression encounter demands it.


Raiding Schedule

Sunday - Thursday, 7:15 pm to 11:00 pm server (Pacific) time on Arathor PvE US. We run late and raid on weekends as necessary (but those times are optional and extremely rare as we have a number of east coast raiders).


Halcyon is a top 100 US guild and has always been 1st on our realm Arathor. We cleared BT/MH and SWP (pre 3.0). In WotLK, we've completed Glory of the Raider (10 & 25, pre 3.1) & Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 & 25, pre 3.2) & Algalon.

Currently Recruiting

Tank: Warrior, Paladin (in order of preference)
Ranged DPS: Boomkin
Melee DPS: Rogue, Death Knight, Feral Druid (in order of preference)
Healer: Paladin or Shaman or Priest (in order of preference)

We are always willing to look at excellent players of any class, even if your particular role is marked as "closed".

Our Environment

Our raid, vent, and guild chats often contain harsh language, off-color jokes, and sexual content. You will also need to be comfortable with receiving constructive criticism from both the officers and your fellow guildmates. This may include comments on your spec, gem choices, talent choices, etc. We try to maintain an enjoyable gaming environment, but if you are easily offended, or not receptive to criticism, then this guild is not for you.

Loot System

Loot Council based on a blind, zero-sum dkp system for non-trivial 25 mans. We /random and use Common Sense™ in 10 mans. We are not here to play dress-up; we do not like greedy people. Loot is for progression purposes, and will be treated as such.

Guild Bank

Raider rank members have full access to the guild bank for repairs during raid hours. The guild bank also provides food, flasks, elixirs and potions to its raiding members.

How to Apply

Go to Halcyon (http://www.guildhalcyon.com) and follow these instructions:

1) Register for the forums
2) Read and comprehend the stickies in the recruitment forum
3) Post an application using the format provided in the recruitment forum