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09-28-2009, 10:54 AM
Lawn Pirates is a semi-casual, focused progression guild. We emphasize efficiency, hard work, and self-motivation. Our focused raiding allows us to achieve in two nights what similarly-progressed guilds do in 3-4 nights.

We are looking for mature and dedicated friendly adventurers to help fill out our roster as we work on Ulduar hardmodes and Heroic ToC. We have openings for the following classes:

1 Paladin - Prot (holy off-spec)
1 Druid - Resto (off-spec negotiable, but balance preferred)
1 Priest - Holy/Disc
1 Shaman - Resto (off-spec negotiable)
1 Mage

Skilled players of other classes are welcome to apply, but spots for these roles are limited.

Our ideal applicants are geared for and experienced with the content we are working on (8.5+).

Raid schedule
* Friday: 9:30p - 1:00a EST
* Sunday: 7:30p - 11:30p EST
* Ulduar and ToC 10m runs typically take place on off-nights

Realm Information
* US - Black Dragonflight
* Stormstrike BG group
* High-population server

Current Progression
* Ulduar to Yogg (10) & (25) - Cleared
* Ulduar Hard Modes: XT, Hodir, Thorim (more in progress)
* Algalon (10) - Cleared
* ToC (10) & (25) - Cleared
* ToC Heroic (10) - Cleared (49 attempts remaining)

* High raid attendance. With only 2 days/week of 25m raiding, we want players who can raid consistently as far as real life allows.
* A team player. 25m content requires individuals who can work together productively to accomplish our goals.
* Self-improvement. You understand the mechanics of your class well and work to hone your rotations, spec, and gear as content demands. Awareness of encounters and survivability while being competitive in DPS is what we expect!
* Raid preparation. You visit the guild forum and research new boss fights/strategies before stepping foot into the raid. You are prepared with consumables for progression fights.
* Stable PC and ISP. Constant disconnects or severe latency issues make for an unreliable player.

Contact information
* Aeronis (GM)
* Amalea/Shamallama (Officer)
* Novinha (Officer)

For more information and to apply, please visit Lawn Pirates (http://www.lawnpirates.net).

09-29-2009, 09:41 AM