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09-28-2009, 09:50 AM
<Casual> (plzdontgank.us (http://plzdontgank.us)), Top25 US guild and the top raiding guild on Scilla (#7 ranked progression server) is currently looking for 1 dps warrior and 1 dps death knight to join our ranks for 3.2 progression and beyond:

These are full time positions, as such you're expected to meet our schedule and have the gear and experience to jump into hard modes from day 1.

Also recruiting:



* <Casual> is a hardcore PVE-oriented progression guild; we expect our raiders to come to raid fully prepared with the best gear, spec, and consumables in order to perform at the highest level of play.

* Founded on Mal'ganis server, we have a stable core of mature raiders who have been together for a very long time. <Casual> plans on staying together through WotLK and beyond. In addition to raiding excellence, we have promoted a focused team atmosphere in which each other's time spent on-line is valued and made worthwhile.

* Recruitment is open for main raider spots only, we do not have interest in maintaining an extended list of potential back-ups. If you join our guild and fit in well, you will be an integral member of our raid and can expect to be present during the majority of progression. With that in mind, we expect routine and punctual attendance from all our raiders.

* Our raiders frown upon nerfs, ignore potential exploits, and, once defeated, we continue to farm hard-modes on a weekly basis rather than take short-cuts. Expect to kill every boss in this game pre-nerf, and don't expect us to give up or cancel raids due to the difficulty of an encounter.


* Website: plzdontgank.us (http://plzdontgank.us)
* Raid times: Sun-Thu, 8PM-1AM EST
(during progression)
* Server: Scilla (US-PvP)

4/5 Heroic TotC
14/14 Ulduar Hard Modes (including Yogg+0)

What we are looking for:

* We are looking for individuals who have fantastic raid awareness, don't make the same mistake twice, and know their classes inside out. The ideal applicant will be passionate about their class, will be up to date on recent and upcoming changes, and will maximize their performance via proper gemming, theorycrafting, and being self critical of their performance.

* Every applicant must have 2 raiding professions. The only exception to having a gathering profession is if you are willing to drop it for something useful if you are accepted.

* At this point being familiar with all of Ulduar and most 25 man hard modes is necessary (gear reflecting said experience a must too) unless EXCEPTIONAL cases. If you think you are one, make your case!

* Unlike most top guilds, you do not need a thick skin to be a part of our raids. You will NOT be verbally abused or have to listen to 500 racist jokes per raid. You will however, receive constructive criticism if we believe there are any issues with your performance, so excessively thin skinned individuals need not apply either.

* We will not, by any means, tolerate any drama or emo behavior in the guild. If you are drama-prone you need not apply. On the same token, a laid-back, drama-free individual can expect to get along relatively well with everyone in the guild.

Class specific notes:

DPS Warrior/DK:

* Although this isn't a requirement, having the ability and willingness to tank if necessary would be a HUGE plus (especially for warrior).


If you are interested to apply please visit plzdontgank.us (http://plzdontgank.us) and post an application in the recruitment forums, or pm it to Lidow if you would like to apply privately.

If you have any questions at all feel free to contact Hawts/Renzo, Kuroe/Mewgirl, Lidow, or any other officer in-game.

Thank you for your interest in Casual, and we hope to hear from you soon.