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<Cynosure> raids from 5:30 to 9:30 PST (8:30 to 12:30 EST) on Aerie Peak, a PST server. Raids are TUESDAY through THURSDAY. While pushing progression we may be opening up either sunday or monday for an additional raid day. We're currently raiding only 25 man content for Loot Council.

Our current progression:

ToC 25 Man 5/5

ToC 10 Man Heroic : 4/5

Ulduar 25 Man:13/14

Hardmodes in Progress:

4 Towers - 3 Tower
XT - Dead
IC -
Thorim -
Hodir - Dead
Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood - Knock on Wood
Mimiron -
General -
Yogg - 4 Keeper

Ulduar 10 Man

13/14 GOTUR - Algalon 2 hours 42%

Hardmodes in Progress:

4 Towers - Dead
XT - Dead
IC - Dead
Hodir - Dead
Thorim - Dead
Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood - Dead
Mimiron - Dead
General - Dead
Yogg -1 light in the Darkness - Dead

These classes are what we are currently looking for:


~ We are always looking for exceptional Tanks. If you feel you are an exceptional Tank (no matter what class) please submit an application.



~ 1 Enhance Shaman
~ 1 Feral Druid


~ 1 Shadow Priest
~ 1 Warlock
~ 1 Mage
~ 1 Elemental Shaman


~ 1 Holy Paladin
~ 2 Holy / Disc Priests
~ 1 Resto Shaman
~ We are always looking for an exceptional Healer to complete our healing roster. If you feel you are an exceptional Healer (no matter what class), feel free to submit an application.

Don't be alarmed if you armory our guild and see several of your class. We are probably recruiting to replace the weak players which is why your classes recruitment has been opened.

You need to have unlocked you dailies for The Sons of Hodir.

What we are looking for is a person that can do the following:

~ Can raid at least 3 nights a week!
~ Can raid 4 hours a night!
~ Doesn't die in AOE!
~ Runs conflag out of the raid!
~ Can press buttons in a timely manner!
~ Can have 75% or better attendance! That means actually showing up!
~ Can help us maintain our Top 5 server progression!


Home : Cynosure - US - Aerie Peak - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://Cynosure.guildlaunch.com)


We're always looking for good players that will have great attendance(>75%) even if your class is not open above.

Feel free to talk to any of the officers-- Chaos, Elementropy, Ryhl, Monsterhead and Irishdruid--before or after raid times if you have any questions and/or concerns.

This schedule of killing monsters is very arduous, so make sure you understand the time commitment. On top of the time spent inside instances, we also expect our members to have enough gold to pay for their various expenses: repairs, consumables for the full five hours every night (flasks, elixirs, food buffs), reagents,bullets/arrows, etc. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME. With the new dailies, it's easy to afford this stuff. Things like Gems and Enchants our guild bank will cover once you have made it past the new app rank and in to our raid roster.

Again even if your class isn't being actively recruited, things may change in the future. Don't hesitate to apply. We are always looking for great applicants to supplement our roster. We keep a list of applicants for classes we're full on in case future spots open. We'll go back multiple months to old applications on file.

We currently raid 10 man content on the off days / weekends.

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