View Full Version : [H]<Savant> Recruiting Shamans, Boomkins and Shadow Priests

09-27-2009, 08:43 AM
Savant (&bull; Index page (http://www.savant-guild.eu/)) is now recruiting. We are a 25 man raiding guild that aims to clear all content. We use EPGP loot system in our 25 mans. Our 10 mans are a simple /roll for MS.

Ulduar 10m : Full Cleared
Ulduar 10m HM: Only Algalon left
Ulduar 25m: Full cleared
Ulduar 25m HM: FL, XT
TotC 10m: Full cleared
TotC 10m HM : Full Cleared
TotC 25m : Full Cleared

Our 25Man raid days are as follows:
Tues. 19,30-00,00 server time( not every week)
Wed. 19,30-00,00 server time
Thurs. 19,30-00,00 server time
Sun. 19,30-00,00 server time

The days that we don't do our 25 mans members are free to do what ever they pleace. We do have 2 ulduar/toc 10 man groups.

savant is Currently Looking for:

2 ele shaman
2 Shadow priests
3 boomkin

If you are a good player looking for a new home where you can raid successfully in a casual environment and have fun, Savant may be the guild for you.

If interested, please contact Co÷lbabe , the recrutment officer for more information.