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09-26-2009, 04:04 PM

Genesis - EU Shadowsong PvE

Genesis is a long-established and stable endgame raiding guild on EU Shadowsong (PVE). 2006-2008 positioned on Darkmoon Faire (EU) as leading raiding guild there. 2008 moved to Shadowsong (EU) to find better healthy competitive environment and player base.

Currently working on ToC25/10 (4/5) hard modes, Ulduar25/10 Algalon the Observer and hard modes.

We enjoy raiding with stable raid groups.

Currently recruiting:
- healers (resto druid, holy paladin, resto shaman preferred)
- melee dps (death knight, rogue, warrior preferred)
- ranged dps (boomkin, shadow priest, warlock preferred)
- tanks (paladin, warrior)

X-realm applications are welcome. Group applications possible.
Hybrids who have healing as 2nd spec and reasonable gear for 2nd spec will have a distinct advantage.
Any exceptional application will always be considered.

We are a small guild. We like it that way because we enjoy raiding above all, and by keeping our roster small we ensure that we spend our raid time killing bosses rather than sitting on the bench.

Although we take raiding seriously, we pride ourselves on being a friendly guild, welcoming to new members and helpful to outsiders. We value the spirit of cooperation, and we put group success above personal glory.

Progress is very important to us. We farm gear so that we can go on to win new battles, but gear in itself is not what motivates us to raid.

Raid Times
We raid from 19.30-00.00 Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday. We require a minimum of 75% attendance over each 2-week period, but we'd be happier with 100%.

Once you have passed trial status and become a full established member of the guild you will be allowed a repair allowance from guild funds.

How to apply
If you are still interested given the brief information, further information, how to apply and everything else you may want to know can be found here:

Genesis (http://wowgenesis.forumer.com) or you can contact me in game (Galilea).

10-01-2009, 05:10 AM
- healers (resto druid, resto shaman, holy/disc priest preferred)
- tanks (bear preferred)
- ranged dps (warlock, shadow priest preferred)
- melee dps (rogue preferred)

10-05-2009, 09:56 AM
4/5 ToC 10 man heroic

10-10-2009, 01:13 PM

10-16-2009, 05:25 AM
- melee dps (rogue, ret paladin preferred)

10-24-2009, 07:04 AM
- tanks (bear, warrior, paladin preferred)