View Full Version : [H-US-PvE] <Neltharion's Fury> of Kael'Thas

09-26-2009, 05:09 AM
Neltharion's Fury is a raiding guild on Kael'thas.

www.neltharionsfury.com (http://www.neltharionsfury.com)

NF has been a solid guild for nearly 4 years and is consistently one of the more advanced raiding guilds on the server. Our guild has survived to be the oldest end-game guild on our server due to the loyalty of its members and our shared enjoyment of the game. We are not looking for huge egos to massage nor are we a bunch of lolcasuals. Our 25 man raiding is limited to ~12 hours a week and we do require that you can use available resources to perform with your class at an acceptable level.

25 Man progression- Uld up to Yogg, ToC is clear working on HM
10 Man progression- Cleared Uld except for algalon, ToC is clear with 3/5 HM

25 Man Schedule - Thurs, Sat, Sun 5:30pm** or 6:30pm CST-10pm CST
10 Man Schedule - Tues, Fri, Mon 6:30pm CST - 10pm CST

**Raids on Sat and Sun start at 5:30, weekday raids at 6:30

What we are looking for:
- Ranged DPS
- Tank (pally preferred)

Your application will be considered even if you are not on the list of classes/specs we are looking for, so please apply anyway.