View Full Version : Warrior Arms DPS. Crit or Armor Pene?

09-25-2009, 03:00 PM
Today I was raiding in ulduar, and I won a very nice 2h mace for my off-spec. My question is, with 45% critical chance at the moment (deep wounds owns) with 28% armor penetration (including battle stance), would I be better off staying as it is now? Or entirely re-ench and resocket and have around 30% crit chance, but with mace spec, and get around 48% armor penetration? Which would be the best for DPS?

09-26-2009, 10:49 AM
your in your tank gear and pvp gear on wow-heores :p. You should be gemming str and Axe spec is by far superior to Mace spec for the +5% crit dmg. You should never be gemming for crit.

Not sure if you have a Grim toll or not, but if not, try and get your hands on one, it's proc is sick.

Once you hit 30% ArP (armor pen) from GEAR alone, it's better to regem for ArP rather than str, since it's SEP overtakes str. ArP gets better the more you have.

With crit, you may like seeing the "big" numbers from all your crits, but the raw hitting power from str out shines crit as far as raw dps in concerned. Don't worry if your crit drops, once you get into higher gear levels, it will go back up :P