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09-25-2009, 10:39 AM
Hawtness is a longstanding guild on the Lightning's Blade (US) server. We're composed mainly of mature raiders, many of whom are married and some of whom have kids. We run 25man raids from 9-12am EST on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and we run fairly focused progression 10mans on off nights. Because ToC is so short, we hope to focus our 25man raids on getting the Ulduar25 drakes during the next month and working on ToGC25 (as well as farming ToC25/3d/Onyxia/etc.).

Our 25man raids have cleared ToC and Ulduar, and we've also done a few Ulduar25 hard modes/achievements (XT, Ignis, Kolo, Hodir, Razor). Our 10man raids have cleared Trial of the Grand Crusader and have their Glory of the Ulduar Raider drakes. We would probably have killed Algalon, except we've been too busy with ToGC to even spend an hour on him (we've had the key for about a month) =)

We're currently seeking:
1 disc priest
1 holy paladin
1 resto shaman
1 shadow priest, talented DPS of other classes

Even though these are our current needs, we also consider talented players of any class. Our primary goal in recruiting people is to find fun-loving, drama-free players who will mesh well into our current raid setup.

Loot is distributed via a DKP system--if you show up, you get points, and you can spend them on gear.

People are in this guild to have fun. Most (if not all) of our raiders read EJ and other sites so that they can play their class the best, but we don't make raiders spend hours a day farming for flasks or bench raiders for inconsequential reasons. WoW is a really fun game that we enjoy playing with good buddies--and we try to make decent progress while doing so. We've done well in the game, despite not being particularly hardcore in our 25man raids.

If you'd like to apply, visit Hawtness - Lightning's Blade (http://www.hawtnesslb.com). If you're on Lightning's Blade (US), talk to Belicia or Darkdynami.

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Bump. We continue to recruit, with an emphasis on healers.