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09-25-2009, 02:02 AM
so i have the rotation down pretty well, as a arms warr, but i'm not sure if my dps is normal for around this gear level, just barely around 2900 on a heroic dummy

this is my arms armory The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravenholdt&n=Midguard) (think i may have logged out with the horde trinket on, but usually i have the AP trinket from trial of champion on, banner of victory)

is my gear/stats/spec all messed up? or maybe i am indeed messing up my rotation/priorities?

my rotation: Rend-Mortal Strike-overpower from Taste of Blood talent-Sudden Death Execute-Slam when everything is on cooldown or nothing is needed to be refreshed-Heroic strike if above 70 rage

09-25-2009, 07:53 AM

i only play Arms spec as an offspec but looking at your gear, rotation etc i wouldnt expect your dps on a dummy to be much more than 3.5k

remember in raid environment you will be raid buffed and also using flasks, pots etc to speed up your haste/attack speed and AP. As such it wouldnt surprise me if in a raid environment you find on a static boss that you can easily pump out 4k dps with your gear level.

A few gem upgrades and bit more AP can make a big difference.

Also try binding heroic strike or OP to your middle mouse wheel and spam it.

In addition have you tried stacking 5 sunders then starting your dps rotations ?

As i said im not a pure arms warrior, so this is only what i have been doing myself, others here will know far more than me on achieving dps at 5k +

09-25-2009, 01:19 PM
Hi Midguard,

First of all, I noticed that your expertise is very low, sitting at 12. The cap is 26 with 0/2 into Weapon mastery, 22 with 1/2 into Weaponmastery, and 18 with 2/2 into Weapon Mastery. It's best if you can roll with 0/2 into it, and put those 2 points into imp. execute.

My suggestions would be to first of all pickup the T7.5 gloves from 25M OS. That'll add 50 expertise rating and is easily PuG'able.

With that, you'll be at about 18 expertise and you'll have gained 40 hit rating. That leaves 8 expertise to make up. This can come in the form of the Wristband of the Sentinel Huntress from Emblems of Valor. These babies will add about 4 expertise for you and put you at 24 Expertise, leaving us 4 expertise, which is easily made up using 2 +20 expertise gem.

Eventually you want to replace your ranged weapon with The Crimson Star, which are amazing, as you free up bag space with not needing ammo, you get to throw cool ass things at people, and you'll have enough expertise to free up a gem slot, but until then, throw some +20 expertise gem in your gear.

Doing both of those, will allow you to drop BOTH points out of Weapon Mastery, and dump them into Improved Execute. Once you get your t7.5 hands, respec into 1/2 WM and 1/2 Imp Execute. Then you can work towards your Super killer ninja weapons, the Crimson Star's. Once you get those, respec again and go 0/2 into WM and 2/2 into Imp Execute.

Next problem I see is your itemization of Hit rating. It's everywhere on your gear, leaving for little wiggle room for upgrades later on.

To solve this, I would recomend picking up the Pyrite Infuser from 25M Flame Leviathan in Uld. 95 hit rating's hard to beat and it's easy to PuG. just make sure there's all casters in your group when you go! =D

Doing this, will allow you to then pick up either your T8.5 Chest netting you a two piece bonus; or you can pick up the nice Brooch of The Wailing Night. I would recommend doing the latter. In the end, I would say pick up the T9 Chest, and replace that over any of these tbh, but that's a hefty 50 triumph emblems.

If you happen to stumble across or are doing 25M naxx, The Grim Toll from there easily trumps the Banner of Victory, solely for the Proc and the hit rating is a nice booster to disperse even more of it off of your gear.

Your cloak can be easily replaced as well with the Hammerhead Shark Cloak from Emblems of Valor. It costs 25 of em, which is a days worth of heroics.

In light of all this, I would recomend doing this in the following order:

#1- Tier 7.5 Gloves------25M OS
#2- Pyrite Infuser-------25M Uld Flame Lev.
#3- Crimson Star-------25 Triumph
#4- Brooch of the wailing Night--------19 Conquest
#5- T9 Chest-----------50 Triumph

Hopefully I didn't miss anything, trying to do this in the little "quick reply" box down at the bottom lol.


Gloves----- +44 AP
Boots------+32 AP, only if you can spare the hit rating from ice walker

the rest looks good =D let me know if you have anymore questions regarding your gear

Now then, onto your rotation.....

This is a priority Rotation, and you need to not ever miss a GCD

Rend----->MS---->SD execute----->Overpower----->Slam

Only Heroic Strike if your over 90 rage.

With the Rend procs, on your first application of it, let the full 18 seconds drop off to get maximum use of your TfB and Rend ticks. On your second application, do NOT let it fall off, and refresh it when the duration on it is 0-2 seconds, b/c there will be no tick or TfB proc.

Starting Rotation is as follows: (this is not including SD procs)
Star represent rend ticks, and TfB represents Taste For Blood Procs.


After your 6th tick of rend, reapply Rend. I find it easier to manage my rage generation for Heroic Strike if I apply it the GCD before MS comes off CD, as TfB/OP will always come after Slam in most cases. You'll have to play around and find what's most comfortable in terms of where TfB procs land.

If SD procs, on a slam, use it immediatly only if you have +60 rage, as MS will come immediatly after it. If SD procs on the TfB/OP swings, use MS first, then SD.

For under 20%, Continue with your normal rotation of rend>>MS>>OP And just replace Slam with Execute.

With Bladestorm, only use it if there's more than 1 mob to hit, and use it right after a MS and ONLY IF rend has +10 seconds left on it.

If your on sunder duty, put rend up, then get those 5 sunder's up! Renew the duration in place of Slams. Keep in mind that we are the worst class/spec to apply sunder armor with, so if there's a rogue, fury warrior, or (preferably) a prot warrior in your group/raid at the time, get them to do it instead!

If you do get stuck with sunder duty, your last sunder will be followed by this which will bring you to your 2nd reck tick:


Edit: sorry for the weall of text... o.O didn't think it would be this large lolz =P

09-25-2009, 01:39 PM
see i said someone with more know how than me would come along..

09-25-2009, 06:34 PM
hah thanks for the posts! i picked up Broach of the Wailing Night, and Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak and with full stacks of sunder armor on heroic dummy, i got to 3060 dps :D

i'm gonna see what i can do about the raids, i almost now have enough for the crimson star, so what i'll probably do is pick that up, work towards getting the t9 chest

so i got a lot of stuff i need to keep track of, anyone know a good addon?