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Baizen Sosuke
09-24-2009, 10:33 AM
Aspects of Death, an eastern raiding guild on the Echo Isles server(PvE) is now recruiting. AoD is a guild composed of players who were in some server first LK as well as Raided Sunwell before that.

We are currently recruiting more players to fill up our spots and progress easier with more variety of classes. All that we are recruiting will not be missing raids.

*We are not worried about your current gear, we are more so worried about performance, so dont feel afraid to contact us if your wearing 10man naxx(example), we will aid you and get you better gear as long as you maintain performance and attendance at our standard.

(Main Priority) Currently Recruiting the following:
~Druid- (Restoration x1)
~Shaman- Resto x1
~Paladin-Holy x1

Open Recruiting the following:
~Druid- (Moonkin x1), (Feral x1)
~Mage x1
~Paladin- (Retribution x1)
~Priest-(shadow x1)
~Warlock x1
~Death Knight- DPSx1

(We are Filling up the spots in order to achieve what is needed for the guild's increased progression. All of the Above will be raiding).


Raid Times: (server time is Pacific)
Monday- 5pm server to 9 pm server(8pm eastern to 12:00am)
Tues- 5pm server to 9:00 pm server(8pm eastern to 12:00am )
Wed- 5pm server to 9:00 pm server(8pm eastern to 12:00am)
Thurs- 5pm server to 9:00 pm server(8pm eastern to 12:00am)

** Fridays and Saturdays are the guilds off days, for most of us have lives and like to live them. They also can be scheduled for raids as well. *Since it is the weekend it is not required to attend the raids scheduled throughout the weekend you are not required to go as long as you do not sign up for it*

(sundays is the guilds official day for were we have raid reviews or are on the ptr, and discuss things need to improve on if needed)

**Attendance Requirement is 75%**
Casual Players are Required to make Raid days, the Core are to make 4/4 Raid Days. We give the chance so that no one is left out of Raids.

Players are to be on at least 10-15minutes before actual raid to prepare before going in.

Naxxramas(10) Farmed
Naxxramas(25) Farmed
Obsidian Sanctum(10) Farmed (3d)
Obsidian Sanctum(25) Farmed(3d)
Eye of Eternity(10) Farmed
Eye of Eternity(25) Farmed
Ulduar(10) Farmed
Ulduar(25) 12/14
Trial of the Crusader 5/5

**Note this is not the guild for you if you fall under these categories**
-If all you do is complain instead of taking action
-If you come up with poor excuses for showing up to a raid late after signing up(i was playing Call of duty etc etc)
-If you do not come prepared
-IF you AFK every 5minutes
-IF you do not learn(review) the fights after missing the guild meeting or PTR.
-IF you cannot take Constructive Criticism(we dont say things to put anyone down, we only try to help and learn from each other)

Guild Policy:
We have a zero tolerance for disrespect towards fellow guildmates! Being a killjoy messes up others raid attendance/attitude, and performance. Not only that we look at a guild as a family build better relationships, and you wouldn't wanna destroy the relationship with your real family so don't do it to us.

We play wow to have fun and progress at the same time, when we make mistakes we learn form them and it makes us better players, if you do not have that mentality, to chill while going places then this is not the guild for you.

We do not condone players who sign up for the raids and do not show up to them, when you sign up for a raid it lets everyone know your going to be there, standing everyone up is just plain rude.

For more information Contact (GM)Baizen, Starck, Licus, Valyse, Sweezel in game via whisper or mail or at our website :


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