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09-23-2009, 01:56 AM
What we expect in our members

1. Female genitalia is a plus currently we have more male genitalia than female genitalia this is not good. We'd like at least a 1 to 1 ratio however due to a recent law suit we can no longer deny male applicants based on their genitalia

2. Must posses the ability to bong a beer while playing the game. Assistance is allowed from a third party.

3. Know how to play your character without a single mistake while you are sober because of reason #4

4. For every point of DKP that I forget to give out on time in a night I must take a shot. For every point I do not forget the rest of the raid must take a shot. Generally speaking we go 50/50 on this.

5. All raiders are required to keep minimum 200 gold for repairs and an equal amount of US $ in alcohol for all raids.

6. Power hour begins at 8 server, invites are at 8:30 and the raid begins at 9 server. Raid ends at 12 server every tues, weds, thurs, mon.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and you have a healthy liver drop an app at last-hope.guildomatic.com. We are currently seeking DPS and healers..


On a more serious note:

Last Hope has, in 1 year cleared all of T4, T5, T6 (excluding Sunwell), T7, T8 (Ulduar 10 & 25), and 5/5 in both 10/25 ToC and 4/5 in H ToGC (10). We are blessed with achievements such as Orbit-uary, Stokin' the Furnace, Heartbreaker, I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare, Lose your Illusion, and others that are worthy to mention. More worthy of those achievements is our Val'aynr that we just recently received after doing Three Lights in the Darkness.

Our 25-man raid schedule of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:00-12 (Midnight) Server Time (Central Time) may seem reduced from other "high-end" raiding guilds, however we require a high level of attention, patience, and participation during all of our raids. Following the mantra of "raiding smarter, not harder", we set high expectations, give our class leads and players the liberties to accomplish the required prep work, and come together for raid times with a mentality of seeing new content and progressing as quickly as possible.

Some of the basic requirements for new members:
They must...
1. be a minimum age of 18. (aka drink beer)
2. be able to attend 2/3 or more of scheduled 25-man raids including showing up on time and staying for the duration of the raid.
3. be able to communicate quickly with the raid, this includes fluency in English, use of Ventrilo, and preferably the use of a mic.
4. have achieved the highest level of gear, gems, and enchants available to you, this will likely include at a minimum badge gear, heroic gear and some T9.
5. be willing to research gear upgrades, ability usage, raid encounters on your own to improve your ability as a raider.
6. be willing to give and receive constructive criticism to improve the raid on-the-spot while learning encounters.
7. show up to raids fully prepared including food buffs, flasks or elixirs, weapon oils, etc. for every learning raid.

Role specific guidelines are as follow...

** Tank applicants should have a minimum 50% avoidance (parry, dodge, miss) with a minimum 36,000 effective health. They should be able to pull a minimum of 4500 threat per second (5000+ preferred). Having a decent off-set (ferals/warriors should have a DPS set, paladins should have a healing set) is required.

** Pure DPS applicants should be able to pull 4300+ DPS on all fights, including trash, 4900+ is preferred. A Screen Shot of damage meters or a WWS parse demonstrating a high level of DPS is strongly recommended.

** Healer applicants should have a minimum 16000 unbuffed health, 17000+ preferred. Gear should be selected intelligently for their specific class, with a minimum of full badge/Heroic/T9 gear or at pre-T9 best-of-slot, some pieces of T9 and T9 equivalent gear is strongly preferred.

For updated class recruitment please refer to our website. We will consider any well qualified players, however "closed" classes are much more difficult to secure a spot within.
Please note that we are an adult guild, looking for members 18 and over, however, exceptions may be made on an individual basis by the officer corp, but only in very extreme cases.

Currently we are recruiting:

Feral Druid (LOW DEMAND)
Protection Warrior (LOW DEMAND)

Melee DPS

Ranged DPS
Destro Warlock (HIGH DEMAND)
Arc/Fire Mage (HIGH DEMAND)
Elemental Shaman (HIGH DEMAND)

Holy/Disc Priest (HIGH DEMAND)
Resto Shaman (HIGH DEMAND)
Holy Paladin (HIGH DEMAND)

Last Hope of Thunderhorn (http://last-hope.guildomatic.com)

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