View Full Version : [H] Dragonmaw, ECR LFM Heals!!

09-20-2009, 10:42 PM
<East Coast Raiders> of dragonmaw is currently looking for geared, intelligent, competent, and Ulduar ready players to add to our raiding rosters to progress through 25 man Ulduar as fast and as successfully as we are progressing through 10 man. We have Vent, a Guild Bank with 6 tabs, and of course a Tabard. Please visit us on www.ecr-guild.co.nr (http://www.ecr-guild.co.nr) to apply on our Forums.

We currently have the following classes immediately available, in order of priority. Other classes are also free to apply.

-Exceptional healers of any class, capable of above and beyond performance

Loot is done by a Loot Council comprised of our Officers based on your attendance, attitude, and competence. If you suck, you will not receive loot.

Our main raiding days happen on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting at 5pm Server, and running until 8pm Server. If you miss one of the main raid days, you are expected to show up to one of the PuGs put together by an Officer.

Good attendance is a requirement, and if you cannot consistently make the above raid times, please do not apply.


10-man Ulduar: Yogg down with the following on farm:

I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare
Lose Your Illusion
I Choose You, Steelbreaker
Freya +3
I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning

Actively working on One Light in the Darkness + Iron Dwarf crap. RUSTED DRAKES VERY SOON!

25-man Ulduar: Yogg down, working on Hard Modes!

ToC progress:

10 man: Cleared, heading into Heroic mode.

25 man: Cleared, farming it for a bit, then heading into Heroic mode.

www.ecr-guild.co.nr (http://www.ecr-guild.co.nr)