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09-20-2009, 08:10 PM
Echelon is currently in need of Mage dps. As this is a raid essential, a "raider" status position may be readily available depending upon your ability to meet desired requirements.

Echelon is a guild for excellent players who are unable to commit to 3+ days a week, yet still desire upper level content progression.

We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-12 EST, regardless of whether we come close to an objective or during new content. We pride ourselves on being able to accomplish what other guilds require 16 hours per week to do. However it takes a certain kind of person.

Loot is handled by a council which favors those who contribute to the guild cause in several ways: Donation of materials, Skill in combat, stellar attendance are a few.

Black Dragonflight is a strong server, slightly favoring horde in numbers, it is high end of medium in size.

Our forums may be found at echelon.redpeaksolutions.com

Because we raid so little it is important that applicants be of the top tier of players, be ready to listen and contribute in ventrilo when appropriate. This is not debatable. We encourage outside research on events and we highly recommend Project Marmot and we often differ to those strats as our own. Be ready to make friends with new people in the guild. I firmly believe that players will perform better for those they care about.

***Curently, We are seeking out an exceptional rogue and Ranged DPS. Other qualified applicants are of course welcome whenever.

Can you come close to 100% attendance with exception of SERIOUS emergency?
Tuesday and Thursday from 8-12 EST

Contact the following officers in game:
Boscage (GM)
Noambition (Officer)
Aegisus (Officer)
Vargis (Officer)
Khue (Officer)

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