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It is that time again, when I must once again create a 'Recruitment Thread'.

As many of you may or may not know, a few weeks ago, I created a thread in regards to a 'Reroll' Guild. It was indeed a success, with a peak of '61' Applications, of which '32' made it with '25' showing up on 'Launch Day'.

Many were dropped due to their 'poor' attitude, as that was and is not the intention behind 'Soul'. We are a 'serious' Guild, built from a solid foundation, as we've leveled together. Once many and all, reach 80, we'll become a Hardcore Raiding Guild, following the footsteps of 'Ave - Magtheridon EU'.

So, What are we currently recruiting?

For the next 10 Days, and that amount only, we'll be accepting players from a wide range of levels. Whether it be from '1' too '80'. However, you'll have to undergo and endure a series of trials, starting with the Application.

In the way of classes, there are many spots open, for specific specialisations.

Deathknight : Open - DPS
Druid : Open - Boomkin and Restoration
Hunter : Open - Survival or Other
Mage : Open - Frostfire, Arcane Fire, Arcane Frost
Paladin : Open - Protection
Priest : Open - Discipline, Holy and Shadow
Rogue : Open - DPS Build
Shaman : Open - Restoration and Enhancement
Warlock : Open - DPS Build
Warrior : Closed - For Now

Soul is recruiting all the classes above to allow for diversity in raids, and to have 'reserves'. The Guild would become 'inanimate' if we could not raid.

About Us

Third - The Guild Leader of Soul, and the Master behind the Madness. The idea to take 'exceptional' players with mature attitudes, place them together, and clear content. Just like any other Guild, save from the fact, Players don't have to have experience in 'encounters', rather experience in their 'class' - Which in itself can be considered unique.

Each player is given the chance in excelling to show the Guild and the officers what they are made of, starting off with the 'application'. The hardest achievement to complete, in the yes of Third and his Officers. After which there is a chat, and a trial spot in Raids.

The only requests or 'requirements' to join would be that of the following:

Understanding of World of Warcraft
A Minimum Age of 16
Some form of Personality

To apply, head on over too : Soul-Guild.Org

If you have any queries or questions, then don't hesitate to drop me a line ingame on : Third . Send an email to : Third@Soul-Guild.Org : or add me on MSN at : Soulguildeu@hotmail.com.

Take your time,


Post Script: Will be Updated in due course.

09-20-2009, 03:05 AM
After the 'two' or more weeks, Soul has been around, I've compiled a list, although small, of the same questions I've been asked during the recruitment and leveling process.

Hopefully, you'll read this before asking them again.


Why have you started at 'Level One'?

To create a 'successful' guild, many of the 'core' players are well versed in each other, or are 'real life friends'. As I don't have many of those who play World of Warcraft, I felt it necessary to build our foundation right back at Level One. Granted it was tedious for most of us, and we lost a few on the way, but the rewards will be sweet.

What do you currently require?

If you look in the 'post' above, you'll be able to gaze upon what classes we are currently recruiting. It may not be up to date '24/7' but that and our homepage : soul-guild.org : will be the closest thing to 'new' information.

If your still wanting to 'reroll' with us, you still have 10 days, to get in on

Do you require Officers?

I, as a Guild Leader, cannot be online '24/7', due to 'Real World Activities', so there would be a need for a selected few who fall under the following categories to help the Guild thrive and to meet its full potential.


I would make the decision as to who I feel is 'qualified' at a later date. Currently have a 'few' officers, with spaces left. However, I don't wish you to apply to become one. That is not the point.

Can one transfer a character higher than 'Level One' and then join the Guild?

The restrictions in the Guild Policy have been lifted. However, your only advised to transfer to Neptulon after you've been given a trial position. It would be a waste of my time and yours, if you were kicked for being 'ignorant' after transferring.

Background research will help make your decision one that'll give you peace of mind. Neptulon Realm Forum is a place to start.


I shall update when I feel necessary.

To contact me, add me on MSN at : SoulGuildEU@hotmail.com
Send an email to : Third@soul-guild.org
Contact me ingame, or go to our website at : Soul-Guild.Org

You may have to idle on the IRC.


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Reserved for Better Things to Come.


No Wipes against 'Hogger' thus far.

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Bump - We are indeed still recruiting. Less of each class since our update.

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