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09-18-2009, 09:53 AM
We are looking to find reliable raiders, who are interested in core spots for the remainder of ToGC (Anub-Heroic, Tributes) as well as Icecrown Citadel. If you plan on playing Cataclysm, even better. This post is lengthier than usual, but I have outlined basic expectations for each slot we're looking to fill. All applicants should have solid computers, connections, and a definite mastery over more than one spec of their class (with gear to back it up)! Have at it, and good luck!
1x Exceptional Protection Warrior (The major caveat here is that this is more or less a Main / Off tank position. Practically speaking, we can't appoint just anyone to take this role, but we are looking to fill it, so the expectations are as follows: the ideal applicant will be able to make all of our raid times, consistently and reliably (nearly 100%), have an extremely dependable, top notch computer and connection, and be well qualified with extensive experience, motivation, skill and understanding about tanking and the warrior class. This is a pretty major responsibility, and loyalty goes without saying, so the manner in which you leave your current situation will also play a significant role. Apply with honesty. A decent and solid off spec goes without saying, as well. It should go without saying, that this has potential to be a guaranteed raiding spot.)

(1 - 2X) Exceptional Warlocks (These are potentially core raiding spots. We normally used to raid with 4 very skilled and competitive warlocks, but we will be losing a couple of them. If you are interested in pushing the limit, then you should apply. Any warlock we accept has to have mastery over all three specs, since different encounters and raid setups have varying demands of our warlocks.)

1x Enhancement Shaman (This is also a potentially core raiding spot, but depends highly on performance. We want an Enhancement Shaman who redefines the damage meters while also rarely making a mistake. We're not looking for a buff bot, we want an exceptional PLAYER. You should more or less be very skilled and as geared as possible for one of your offspecs: Elemental or Restoration.)

1x Restoration Shaman (We're looking for a top notch Shaman healer. The big emphasis here is that we want a good HEALER and a good PLAYER. Falling in the middle of the healing meters shouldn't make you happy, but at the same time, your focus should be on being as skilled and onpoint as possible. You should be aware, as a raider, of all things necessary to healing, and be prepared to adjust on the fly for those. Whoever gets accepted for this spot will pretty much be expected to have an appropriately geared / viable offspec. Performance will determine if you become the sixth healer in our core healing team.)

(1 - 2X) Exceptional Rogues (This is a potential core spot, based off of performance. We run with 2 rogues, one of which has scheduling issues on Thursdays and Sundays. We want to have the ability to have up to 3 rogues at any raid, but we will not stack mediocre players to get the job done. Potential members will have chart topping DPS as a Rogue, amazing situational awareness as a Melee DPS, and an extensive understanding of their own class and utilities as well as an understanding of strategy affecting said utilities. Our rogues are expected to never miss kicks on Vezax, pull their weight on Yogg, and CC their own healers for Heroic Faction Champions. Nothing out of this world, but these are the base standards by which you'll be measured.)

1x Exceptional Death Knight (We're looking for an extremely skilled and competent DK who can DPS adequately with all three specs and can tank if needed. As it stands, preferable DPS specs would be Unholy, and then Blood, in that priority. We want DK's who can put out competitive DPS, capable of topping the charts, as this is what our DK's strive to do regularly.)

(1) Exceptional Mage (We're looking for an extremely accomplished Mage as well. Mages can still and do top the DPS charts and we're looking for Mages who can do just that while executing solid mastery over their various utilities (kiting, CC, decurse) and their sometimes spiky Fire threat.)

As always, exceptional applicants for any class are welcomed.
About Us: <Pie Chart>

We are an endgame raiding guild that started two months prior to the release of Wrath. Majority of the members come from Ballas, a Burning Crusade guild that finished 82nd in the US. When our Raid Leader and Main Tank retired post-Kil'Jaeden, we switched leadership and resumed raiding under a new name. Currently we are ranked #1 on our server of Firetree (EST) and #81st in the US. We have defeated Yogg0, Algalon, completed Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider and are 4/5 through Trial of the Grand Crusader:
- Heroic: Firefighter: July 1, 2009
- Heroic: Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood: July 5, 2009
- Heroic: One Light in the Darkness: July 20, 2009
- Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider: July 20, 2009
- Heroic: Observed: July 30, 2009 (45th US)
- Heroic: Alone in the Darkness: August 17, 2009 (33rd US)We raid on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 7:30 PM EST to 12:30 AM EST. We never raid on Fridays or Saturdays and will sometimes balance weeks of ambitious progression with easier three to two night weeks. With an average 15 to 20 hour raid week, we emphasize quality over quantity. We stress efficiency and respect the idea that people who raid want to succeed. All of our players are either in college or have graduated. A certain level of independence and maturity is expected. We are interested in players that can manage their time well and remain committed and consistent.

About You: The Future Recruit

We expect that every player we invite to a raid will bring their best game to the table. We are looking for players who excel in PvE and always arrive prepared (including all the consumables you could possibly need and more). Being a great raider extends to many areas. Beyond being competitive with yourself and your fellow members in terms of meters, we are interested in players who make no repeat mistakes and approach every fight with a drive to master it.

We're specifically interested in those raiders who make it a point to never make mistakes on those gimmicks that pepper every encounter in the game: Ominous Clouds on Yogg, Lightning Charges on Thorim, Sunbeams on Freya and the various wonderful environmental checks on Mimiron Hard Mode and Algalon. We expect that every raider will always play to the maximum of their ability, researching and staying up to date on all aspects of their class. We want intelligent, motivated individuals who are constantly analyzing how to solve the various challenges we face in a raid environment.

As a guild, we have completed all the Hard Modes Blizzard has offered so far in this expansion in a timely manner. With Ulduar alone, we pushed our guild ranking up by roughly 200 ranks. We intend to continue on this path, pushing to be the best we can possibly be. All potential applicants should be prepared and motivated to pursue the challenge that is progression content. With the new Crusader's Coliseum and the impending Icecrown release, there will be many more challenging encounters in store and we want players who want to defeat them as skillfully and efficiently as possible.

In terms of our guild community, we have a rather large group of players who like to spend their time in game engaging in other activities. Some of our members PvP, others RP walk in Dalaran, and others work on achievements or alts. We all enjoy spending time together in game and Ventrilo and expect that any future recruit and member will make a similar attempt to be part of the community. Intelligence, patience, and good humor are all the characteristics we expect our members to have. I'm not specifically interested in telling you that you have to be able to handle harsh criticism or have a thick skin, because that's simply not how we operate. We want players who can take care of that on their own, being self sufficient in improving themselves.

** On a separate note, we understand that transferring to a new server can be a rather large commitment. We are completely and wholly interested in making the transition as painless and seamless as possible. Interviews and spending some time with the members is something I'd definitely recommend, since we are not interested in players who arrive to Firetree only to leave without a word, three days later. If you come, it should be a definite decision to stick around for the long haul, rather than as a stepping stone to some other guild in the future. **

If this is an experience that you would like to be a part of, I highly encourage you to apply. We are aware that sometimes players are more capable of achieving a high quality of play than their guilds allow, and while we're not interested in long term projects, we are aware of the "diamonds in the rough".

Apply Here: Application Template - Pie Chart Guild (http://piechart-guild.com/index.php?showtopic=91)
Guild Website: Pie Chart Guild - Unreal Portal (http://piechart-guild.com/)
Officers: Ashunei, Hwtfire, Rukia (Feel free to PST us in game.)