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Who are we:

Shadow Legacy started as an alliance guild in Lightning's Blade EU and was created at October 2005. We cleared everything up to and including Twin Emperors in AQ40. C'Thun and a few of Naxx bosses were killed under the <Delirium> tag which was made partly by old SL members and one of our friend-guilds on Lightning's Blade. Some of the core members rerolled horde and created Shadow Legacy on Jaedenar EU, shortly before BC was launched. During BC we were one of the best guilds in the server and cleared whole content with our biggest achievement being Twins server 2nd.

Shadow Legacy consists of a strong community with some of the players being in the same team for several years now and who enjoy playing together while beating new encounters. Our main goal is to succeed in end game PvE while providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, this guild is the resort of other players who focus more in PvP and friends who enhance our community experience.

In WotlK, we lost the majority of our old members which forced us to fall behind progress wise. However, we are steadily recovering from the problems that we had so far and we are trying to become a competitive guild again, so your applications will be considered like that. For more information, see below.

During progress periods, we raid from Sunday to Thursday with our raiding hours being 20:00 - 24:00 ST (a.k.a server time). Fridays and Saturdays are free days dedicated to other kind of activities. Farm raids are being discussed and arranged through the GMotD.


- Before you consider applying to our guild, make sure you are able to keep up with our raiding schedule. If you can't attend at least 4 out of 5 raids, don't even bother applying.

- We are looking only for exceptional players. During our raids, i expect from every raider to give his 100%. I want players who are quick learners, can multitask, know the tactics and have a high level of map awareness. You also have to think and react accordingly depending on the situation.

- Your class knowledge has to be on a high level. This includes but is not limited to combat mechanics, gems, enchants, specs, cooldown management etc. Remember that your gear choices reflect your basic knowledge around the class.

- We are generally against mindless use of consumables (flasks, potions, bandages, healthstones). You need to know when and how to use them.

- Shadow Legacy is a guild which focuses mainly in PvE. This means that when the raid starts, every other activity like PvP, 5 man instances and such come to second place. When invites start, you should be ready for the raid.

- You must have long term plans regarding WoW. We are not interested in recruiting players who will quit the game after a few months.

- Experience is not a must. We recruit players with limited experience if we feel they have the potential to meet our raiding standards. However, having previous raiding experience is always a good bonus to your application.

- Regarding the social part, you need to understand and speak English. We sympathize with the fact that English is not the nature language for most of our applicants but you should put the effort to make your statements clear and understandable. If your vocabulary consists mostly of "yo", "plz", "lol", "thnx" then you are probably not the person that we can rely on. You must also have a high level of tolerance when it comes to humor. Jokes are not meant to offend you. Just accept it as a joke and move on.

- You must not be a drama queen, a trouble maker and generally not act like a 10 year emo kid.

- Finally, we are looking for players who will serve both the PvE and the community part. You must be fairly active and participate in our community, be it in game events or forums. I am not interested in recruiting players who only log for the raid and then disappear until the next one.

Recruitment Classes:

Currently, we are looking for:


We are especially looking for a DK Tank.

Only exceptional players. Right now, both your gear and your experience has to be at a very high lvl since our current progress is focused on Anub'Arak.

Regarding your raid role:

Tanking: You need to be familiar with moving while tanking, generating good threat, handling possible adds and so on. If you have plans about rerolling in the near future, don't bother applying.

Healing: Not much to say here. Be it raid healing or tank healing (depending on your class and assignement), you have to be very good at it.

DPS: Your job is to smash the boss. As such, you need to do high dps and always compete to be on the top while staying alive. Furthermore, you must be able to play different specs and be ready to serve the "buffer" role if and when needed (see replenishment, ISB etc etc).

Contact Us:

If you feel you have what it takes to become SL material, head over our forums at Shadow Legacy &ndash; Jaedenar EU &ndash; Home (http://www.shadowteam.cz) and follow the instructions in the Join Us section on how to fill and submit your application. If you have any other questions, you can catch us in game or send us a PM in the forums. Once your application is submitted, we will bring it under consideration and answer to you when the decision is made. Keep in mind that you should not beg for a fast reply, neither in game nor in forums. If you see no answer, it means that your application got declined.

Before submitting your application, make sure you spent some time on it and try to be as detailed as possible. This is your chance to impress us. Applications made with small to no effort will not be considered at all.

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