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Guild: Berserk
Server: Archimonde
Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 7-11 central time (at times we also run Wednesday, and they are various other 10man and alt/farming runs)

-Current Progression-
ToC 10man (normal) – 5/5
ToC 25man (normal) – 5/5
ToC 10man (heroic) – 2/5
ToC 25man (heroic) – 0/5

-Current Available Positions-
Holy/Disc Preist
Shadow Preist
Elemental Shamman
Balance Druid
(we are short on casters, accepted applicants in these roles will have set raiding positions, however all applicants are welcome to inquire)

Berserk was formed in April of 2001 in the MMORPG “Ultima Online.” Spanning through Final Fantasy XI, Lineage II, and on November 23rd of 2004, Berserk came to World Of Warcraft, as a guild. Berserk has scheduled progression raids 2 to 3 nights a week. There are numerous other raids throughout the week, be they 10man ToC, VOA, Heroic Dailies, or alt runs through Nax.

Berserk is not a hard core guild, we are not the best in the world or even our server. Berserk does not achieve server firsts, or 1 night hard-mode clears. SO… what do we have to offer? Berserk has consistently cleared the previous content “pre-nerf” and has fun doing so with their friends. We do not berate our members for making mistakes, and we do not kick people because they had to take care of a family emergency. Through thick and thin, Berserk has always raided, and had a good time doing it.

While we may not raid 5 or 6 nights a week like other progression guilds, our raiders are still expected to be at the top of their game, this means you fully understand the mechanics of your class, have obtained all of the previous content’s gear, know what items are best suited for your class and spec, and have fully researched the content of the encounters we plan to face.

Our current raiding membership consists of about 15 people that attend every single raid, about 10 people that miss ½ the raids, and 30 people that fill last few spots off and on. We are looking to find 5-10 more of the never miss category. This recruitment process will result in set raiding position for those accepted.

What follows is long, it is meant for people interested in learning more about Berserk. Berserk is not suited to everyone. Essentially we are a part-time quasi-hardcore guild. We have limited amount raiding, but we expect the best when we do raid. If you want to be the first in new content, keep looking, if you want to be at the top of your game for 10-15 hours a week, Berserk is the place for you. We treat mistakes and missed raids constructively, but we do not tolerate repeat offenders . If you are interested in joining our guild at this point, you need to read the all of the following, if you agree with what you have read, my contact information can be found at the end.

The following is harsh, attendance may the thing we take most seriously. We can get you gear, we can teach you fights, we can show you websites to perfect your class, but if you can’t be punctual, we need to replace you.

If a raid is scheduled to start at 7pm, this means that between 6:30 and 6:45 invites are going out and we START raiding at 7pm. If you are not logged on your raiding character by 6:45, you are LATE. If you are not ready to pull at 7, you are LATE. No excuses are acceptable, including the following: in a BG, need to repair, on an alt, buying flasks, getting a drink, going bio, making a sandwich, finishing the daily, or any other form of something you should have done earlier. Its simple, be ready on time. When you are late you are making 24 other people wait for you, if you continue to hold back our raids, we will find someone that doesn't.

If a raid is scheduled to go to 11, that means everyone stays until 11. If you have to leave early, YOU need to tell the raid leader when you are invited, and accept that you will sit-out for someone that can finish the raid. If you expect to be in a weekly raid group, you are expected to be on time and available for the full duration of the raid, on a weekly basis. If you cannot, accept that you will be a back-up. There are no excuses for not attending a full raid. At times we will all have issues to be addressed for work, school, family emergencies, or even going on vacation, but if you cannot attend on a regular basis, don’t expect to be invited on a regular basis. Leaving early to do something you could have done already, had you not procrastinated, is unacceptable. And for the record, when you get disconnected and do not return, we will assume it was you that disconnected, not the internet. (if you have a poor connection, fix it, if you plan to raid)

If any of this seems harsh, it is meant to be, we are dealing with an event that requires 25 people. If for any reason you cause anything to hold back the other 24 people, we are going to find someone else. If each person in the raid made us wait just 2 minutes, we lose nearly 1 hour of a 4 hour raid. We need to do everything in our power to ensure we have consistent raiders that don’t make us wait.

….now, a bit on the lighter side…

If you do the following….DO NOT join Berserk:
· Unaccepting of people that make mistakes and enjoy flaming them for it.
· Believe that new content must be achieved immediately and expect your guild members to loose sleep over it.
· Like to berate people that don’t perform as well as you do and don’t want to teach them what you have learned.
· Unwilling to return to previous content because YOU are done there.
· Willing to ditch a guild farm or 10man run because a more advanced guild has offered you a spot and you don’t care about progressing other dedicated members of your own guild.

If you do the following….DO join Berserk
· Want a committed raiding position, and will fulfill that commitment week in and week out,
· Always have flasks, food, reagents, and are fully repaired before raid invites even go out
· Enjoy researching how to maximize your characters potential, and sharing your discoveries with fellow guildies.
· Perform “chors” such as daily heroics, Hodir enchant quests, and farming for consumables so that you are the best you can be for each raid.
· Are available to receive a raid invite from 6:30-6:45 and are ready to pull at 7pm, (even when others are not) and never leave a raid until 11pm.
· Want you gear gemmed and enchanted with the best available in the game
· Like watching strategy videos
· Are able to accept constructive criticism, not make excuses, and make adjustments

We do at times attempt hardmodes, but only after normal content is on farm status. There are select groups of 10mans that form for these special achievements as well, members with outstanding performance will be sought after by these groups. There are also 10man groups that form for regular content.

Members that expect to be invited on a regular basis, need to posses raid awareness. If you are a person that consistently dies to fire patches, or repeat the same mistakes, you must understand and accept when you are asked to sit out for a replacement. It is understandable when you die to a newly experienced mechanic, we do not expect perfection from anyone. We do however expect everyone admit their mistakes and learn from them. No one wants to here your excuses; “I didn’t get healed/dispelled”, “ I moved but I still died”, and “I couldn’t or else this would have happened” are all excuses, YOU made the mistake, not the GAME, you needed to do something differently. If you don’t understand why you died, ASK!!!!!

Understand that a guild, like any other organization, attempts to suit itself for the greater good of the members. Trust that the decisions of the officers have a motive behind them that is for the benefit of the guild. If you disagree, or are curious about any decisions, you are more then welcome to bring them up privately with the officers of the guild. Also understand that not everything is going to be set up according to what you think is perfect. If you have a suggestion, we want to hear it, but understand that the officers of this guild have been around for, in some cases 8 years, and they may be aware of other factors that do not work with whatever it is that you suggesting. (we still want to have the discussion with you though)

If you….

· Agree with everything you have read
· Will be on time and ready to raid
· Can reliably attend Tu We Th from 6:30 to 11:00 (central)
· Have already obtained the previous content’s gear
· Possess raid awareness
· Want a dedicated raid spot, and will fulfill that dedication.

….then contact Archist/Aruspex/Aritty on the Archimonde Server and we will set up a time to get together in vent. If you are not on this server you can contact me with a level 1 toon and we will discuss your main’s armory page in vent.

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