View Full Version : (A) Dissidence- Bronze Dragonflight EU Recruiting for Hard Modes

09-17-2009, 10:45 AM
Hi guys, Dissidence are looking to recruit exceptional players in multiple roles to help our raid team progress through TOGC heroic and a final few Ulduar hard modes. Dissidence was formed in 3.1 from the ashes of Cataclysm. Our core members raided with Cataclysm throughout TBC until 3.1 achieving many server first kills including OS10 3D. Since re-establishing ourselves on the realm as Dissidence we have climbed back up the ranks on the server and are back claiming server first in TOTC 10 heroic. Overall the guild is 13/14 in Ulduar 10 (Glory of the raider achieved working on Algalon). 13/14 in Ulduar 25 (several hard modes downed). TOTC 10&25 cleared and 10 man heroic (tribute to skills). We are currently working on TOGC 25 HC and ulduar hard modes and are looking for players to help us secure these. We, as a guild, have a reputation as a serious yet approachable raiding guild with an active social side as well. We raid 19.15 till 2300 server time PMT Mon, Wed,Thu,Sun and expect our raiders to maintain a 75% attendance. We are looking to recruit an experienced resto druid, resto shaman and holy paladin to help us maintain a steady and consistent raid team. We are also aiming to secure another consistent and well geared tank of any class to ensure regular progress of both our 25 man team and of multiple 10 man teams. To fill spots in our existing DPS group we require an enhancement shaman, a rogue, a balance druid and a DPS death knight of any spec. We need players who can push past limits and surpass expectations If this sounds like somewhere you would fit in please feel free to Pm me here, visit us at dissidence.wowstead.com or roll a character on our server (Bronze Dragonflight) and /w any officer or member to arrange a discussion We look forward to hearing from you Dissidence