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About Us

Paradox is a progression raiding guild located on Nordrassil, a smaller PvE server. Paradox itself was formed with the release of the Burning Crusade (Nordrassil was a BC server) and we cleared all BC content. In comparison to most guilds, we run a fairly small and tight-knit crew of raiders.

We also pride ourselves on having a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere while maintaining a sense of competitiveness, professionalism, and dedication that one should expect from every progression raiding guild. Our absolute focus is getting the job done quickly and efficiently, but we haven't forgotten how to have fun too! As such our vent is usually filled with jokes and humor.

As it stands currently, we are 2 / 5 on 25-man Heroic Trial of the Crusader. We have killed 13 / 14 bosses (only Algalon left) with all Hard Modes in 25-man Ulduar cleared, and have all 10-man Ulduar content cleared and are getting drakes for those who still need them. For 3.0 we cleared all content, including 25-man and 10-man OS + 3 drakes.

For those curious, our loot system is EPGP. More information regarding it can be found on our website.

WotLK Progression:

ToC (2/5): Northrend Beasts HM || Lord Jaraxxus HM
Ulduar (9/10): Flame Leviathan +4 || XT002 HM || Assembly of Iron HM || Hodir HM || Thorim HM || Freya +3 || Vezax HM || Yogg Saron -3 || Firefighter
EoE (1/1): Clear
OS (1/1): Sarth +3 Clear
Naxxramas (15/15): Clear

ToC (5/5): Northrend Beasts HM || Lord Jaraxxus HM || Faction Champions HM || Valkyr Twins HM || Anub'arak HM
Ulduar (10/10): Flame Leviathan +4 || XT002 HM || Assembly of Iron HM || Hodir HM || Thorim HM || Freya +3 || Mimiron HM || Vezax HM || Yogg Saron -3
EoE (1/1): Clear
OS (1/1): Sarth +3 Clear
Naxxramas (15/15): Clear

The Raider that We're Looking For

Dedicated players that not only know their class but are also committed to a long-term investment in end-game raiding. A large number of our raiders have been together for several years and we're looking to continue that trend.

We're searching for a few dedicated and talented raiders to give us a bit more flexibility to our roster in order to complete the Ulduar hard modes, continue on with the Trial of the Crusade and prepare for Icecrown.

Class-specific Notes

As always, we'll consider any exceptional applicant of any class.

We're particularly looking for:

- Combat Rogue (High)

- Disc Priest (High)

These are full-time positions.

Our Schedule

Our current raid times are Monday-Thursday 7.30-11.30 PM PST. Occasionally we'll extend it to around midnight if we're close to a kill, but such extensions are generally rare.

10-man content is typically done on our off-days. For those with a side interest in Arena, we do have a small group of hardcore PvPers consisting of a number of current and former Gladiators.

How to Apply

For more information and how to apply, please visit Welcome to Paradox|Nordrassil (http://www.paradoxhorde.net/). All relevant information can be found in the Recruitment section of our forums. Should the initial application
(http://www.shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=23564#) phase go over well, we'll conduct a brief and informal interview over vent (consider it more of a chance to get to know us and vice versa.)

For personal contact, feel free to whisper Sefron, Suilock, Marek, Decode, and/or Pampered in-game.

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