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09-16-2009, 08:32 PM
So last night we were doing Naxx 25 And i was on the living side tanking. I charged the mobs, Thunder clapped, Shock waved, cleaved, and Demoralizing shouted trying to keep aggro of all the mobs as they were appearing rapidly. But I seemed unable to keep all threat i don't wanna blame it on any one i just want to be better. And in toc 10 i tried tank the infernals and failed at it repeatedly. I need help with AoE tanking when DPS is throwing every thing they have at the targets please help me get better.

09-16-2009, 08:42 PM
Two things to keep in mind, one specific and one general. First, the Gothik live side mobs die so quickly that the only ones you need to focus on are the elites. The non-elites die so fast you don't have to bother tanking them. You don't have to tank absolutely everything at all times. Decide what is a small enough threat that it can be left to the DPS to burn down by themselves.

Second, no one tanks in a vacuum. You can be doing the best you can, but if the DPS is going full bore as soon as the mobs spawn, then there's no reasonable way for the DPS to expect you to hold the mobs. The biggest part of raiding is the cooperation among the players. The DPS needs to understand what your tanking thresholds are, and vice versa. They need to work with you, and you need to work with them, even if it means asking them to wait for a couple seconds for you to establish a threat lead. Arranging things like Misdirects and Tricks of the Trade help a great deal. For your own performance, think about how the mobs come out and when the best time to lay out the AoE threat is. For the infernals, they don't come out all at once, so you have time to quickly target them one at a time and tag them with a Shield Slam, Dev, Rev, etc. Once they're grouped up on you, that would be the most appropriate time to start TC and SW. Again, your DPS should know to give you a second to get them together before attacking.

09-16-2009, 09:07 PM
Thanks a Lot those are all things that i thought i just hear so many tanks saying u cant blame it on the dps

09-16-2009, 10:00 PM
At most guild's progression in Naxx, which far exceeds even having to be there or on the verge of Ulduar, tanking live side is pretty much LoL. Let the DPS rape the adds. Put as many hunters and rogues live-side as possible and have them MD and ToT to you. I also generally go with a pally or dk dps for their ground AoE ability and plate-wearing. If they do get agro, at least its away from possible squishy healers. Specially as a warrior, I mostly just try to get enough initial threat so that by the time any mob switches target to an ally, it is in within one or two-hits of death. Any of the tougher mobs, you can taunt to help gain a bit more worth of tanking.
I know at fights like this, my dps like to joke around and take agro from me on purpose. Not my fault I only have so my CDs and no pee puddle, but nothing works like a nice shield slam to a face to regain agro :)

Any sort of encounter where mobs slowly appear, you'll need to space the AoE CDs you do have tho. Do a shield slam/revenge/devastate type combo on the first two mobs, then on the third, do a TC to get agro of all. Tab-target a bit more, then shockwave. Hopefully soon TC is back and you can activate it again. The first mob to appear may be loose now cause DPS don't care aso simply taunt it back and shield slam it. Devastate around to help DPS kill quickly then probably can TC again. Throw in a heroic throw if a mob is far away, especially on fkn casters. Gag order helps tremendously. You'll be golden :)

09-17-2009, 03:27 AM
Also, if you do have one of those Retridin or DK DPSers with ground AoE, Vigilance will give you Taunt spamability. A ret with Righteous Defense on is almost guaranteed to get hit once in a while, which will give you enough taunts to grab mobs in case they break loose, and will give your healers a primary DPSer who will take damage, so they can just throw a hot or a shield and not waste too much mana on everyone else.

09-17-2009, 09:12 AM
Your AoE abilities are going to be insufficient against high DPS. You must press tab and spam shield slam / revenge / devastate while thunderclap and shockwave are on cooldown. You should be using cleave the whole time. Sounds like you've got the right idea, just do more tab-targeting and you'll get it. There's kind of an art to it.

09-23-2009, 12:39 PM
I was waiting for someone to mention it and one person did. Vigilance is your best friend, and when you are tanking live/dead side and require taunt refresh.... throw it on the other tank or throw it on your highest threat DPS. Now, the diminishing returns on Taunt can bite you in the butt, so you need to do as everyone else mentioned, conserve your AoE abilities, use your cuncussion blow to slow down enemies, and spam devastate/SS. Your shouts are good for a quick aggro add on a group and if you are in dire trouble you can always through down your "Oh crap the healer is gonna die I need to taunt everything all at once" button. The last time I was in Naxx I was tanking the live side no issue, the dead side was having issues, so I went to tank the dead side instead of the DK. That side is rough as a warrior.... *cries for lack of palli tank* But not impossible and could be easily done if you are quick on the abilities and pay full attention to everything that is going on. 3 fail attempts with me on live side, 1 shot when I was on the dead side. You just have to pay attention to your abilities and know how/when to use them. Vigilance will save you if you know how/when to use it.