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All classes are encouraged to apply, if we are not recruiting your class it doesn't mean we won't look closely through your application, we are always looking to expand and improve our roster

DPS Needed

http://oblivion.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/dk_dps_20.jpg Death Knight
http://oblivion.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/druid_bal_20.jpg Balance Druid
http://oblivion.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/hunter_dps_20.jpg Hunter
http://oblivion.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/mage_dps_20.jpg Mage
http://oblivion.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/rogue_dps_20.jpg Rogue
http://oblivion.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/warlock_dps_20.jpg Demonology Warlock
http://www.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/paladin_dps_20.jpg Retribution Paladin

Healers Needed

http://oblivion.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/druid_heal_20.jpg Druid
http://oblivion.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/paladin_heal_20.jpg Paladin
http://www.wowmatcher.com/images/spec_icons/shaman_heal_20.jpg Shaman

About us:

Server: Mannoroth (US)
Server type: PVP
Faction: Horde
Time zone: EST
Battlegroup: Ruin
List of officers to contact in-game: Bübbly, Bizzül, Elusďve, Romros, or Psychokow
Our raid schedule is Sunday - Wednesday 7:30pm - 12:00am server time.

Website: Oblivion - WowStead (http://oblivionguild.wowstead.com)
Progression:WoW Realm US-Mannoroth :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History (http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/mannoroth)
WMO: WoW Meter Online - Combatlog Replay (http://www.wowmeteronline.com/browse/guild/30366/0/nil/begintime/desc/0/0/25#all)
WoWMatcher: Wowmatcher | Warcraft Player and Guild Recruitment (http://oblivion.wowmatcher.com)

Óblivion is a hardcore raiding guild on the Mannoroth US server. We formed around December of 2008 from a small core of friends from other successful raiding guilds and cleared all content in 3.0. We had Three Drake Sartharion on farm before 3.1 and have the Immortal achievement for Naxxramas. Upon the launch of Ulduar, Óblivion got its big push and maintained a solid Horde second until the release of TOC. In Trial of the Crusader (4/5) we have achieved Horde first and server second and plan on continuing this trend up through Icecrown.

We make sure that we have the best possible group composition for every boss fight ; so many people are swapping in and out throughout a night. On farmed content, you can expect a very open and humorous atmosphere where you can relax as you do your job. On new content you can expect a much more serious raid where you are expected to deliver top-notch performances consistently. Outside of raids our guildies spend much of their time running heroics, leveling alts, arenas, and battlegrounds. If an environment like this suits your play style and abilities, then we strongly encourage you to apply on our website

Loot Rules:

Óblivion uses an officer decision based loot distribution system. Loot will be decided based on the following criteria: rank, attendance, raid performance, contributions to the guild/the members, what will benefit the guild the most, and a number of other things. Like most guilds, applicants will not receive any loot until promoted to member status. This guild isn't about "individual character advancement", and if you feel you're more concerned about getting your toon fat epics then this is the wrong guild for you.

Application Process:

The applicant process will last 2-3 weeks. We need time to monitor new applicants and determine their capabilities. If officers notice exceptional performance from a player, the duration of the application process may be shortened. Likewise, if officers notice poor performance, the duration may be increased. We want players who rarely make mistakes, players who don't need their hand to be held through encounters. When we bring you to raids we expect little to no mistakes.

Expectations from Applicants:

• All players applying to Óblivion are expected to be knowledgeable on all specs of their class(especially hybrid classes) as some of our hybrid players may be asked to change spec to better facilitate our current raid situation. We expect players applying to our guild to have gear capable of allowing them to jump into the current content we are working on.
• Able to take even the harshest of criticism with stride and learn to improve from it.
• You must be able to make our raid times. If you can't, talk to us we usually can work things out as our raid schedule is subject to change
• We expect you to be prepared for each and every raid with consumables. This means having food, potions, elixirs, flasks, and reagents and ready to go.
• Experienced in end-game PvE raiding and comfortable in highly competitive environments
• Extensive TBC experience is a big plus. Post nerf kills do not count. An example would be saying you raided SSC,TK,BT Sunwell after 3.0 came out
• Very well-equipped with best enchants/sockets/professions. Gathering professions on an App are frowned upon.
• Willing to respect and adhere to the guild's rules, policies and methods, as well as our officers' requests.
• You must be a fun, humorous person who enjoys raiding

Keep in mind that we are always on the lookout for exceptional applicants. If you feel you have what it takes and are interested in joining us, feel free to throw up an app. We will NEVER decline an outstanding app.

How to Apply:

1. Go to Oblivion - WowStead (http://oblivionguild.wowstead.com/recruit)
2. Fill out the form and wait a few days while your application is reviewed internally. You will be contacted IN GAME if we are interested. If you receive no answer after a week, assume you have been denied.

Hint: We take our time looking over your application so please take your time in filling the application out. We appreciate well written in-depth applications.

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