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09-16-2009, 02:13 AM
<When The Smoke Clears> is currently looking for more active dedicated raiders!

Current Progress:

Ulduar (10) including hard modes up to Mimiron on farm status. ToC (10) is on farm status. Heroic ToC (10) is 1/5.

We are currently 10/14 in Ulduar (25), working on Mimiron. We will be beginning ToC (25) soon.


You're expected to make at least 2 raids per week, preferably all 3. People who flake will be removed from the guild. We expect you to show up for raids prepared with consumables, on time, with knowledge of the fights, and an understanding of how to play your class.

Raid Schedule:

Our raid schedule is Tuesday-Thursday. We typically begin raid invites at 9:45pm PST, and have first pull going by 10:15pm PST. Raids last for 4 hours.


Loot is distributed through a DKP system.

Recruitment Needs:

We’re recruiting dedicated/geared (Naxxramas (25) or better).

(We will consider any exceptional candidate even if not listed below!)

At the moment, we require a third tank for 25-mans, a couple of healers (preferably holy paladin and restoration druid.), and 3-5 ranged DPS.

Deadly Boss Mod and Ventrilo are absolutely necessary (tank applicants must have working microphone), and flasks are required for raid progression.

More Information:

When The Smoke Clears | Sixty 6 Sixty 1 (http://www.whenthesmokeclears.guildomatic.com)

Or send an in-game tell to one of our officers; Stormwalker, Kaeldan, or Finamen.

09-17-2009, 10:58 PM