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09-16-2009, 01:19 AM
Hello to all who are wandering around, looking for something casual (and sometimes not that much).

We are a newly formed WotLK guild, created at the end of TBC from the major members of Lords of Chaos and some more from other guilds who have proved to be worthy playing with. We do not raid hardcore, try to have fun and don't like people with the capslock or spam syndrome.
However, due to some member issues a month ago, we lost a few core players. Manged to recover from the loss and started raiding, but our raids recently get called off too often, due to lack of healers, or really bad setup, missing ret pallys, feral dps, sometimes either no mages or no locks

Our current progress so far is:
UD25 - 13/14 (due to summer vacation lacked setup for HMs :( )
UD10 - 13/14 (7/9 HMs)
ToC25normal - 5/5
ToC25heroic - 0/5 (that is where we need you)

What we need:
1 feral dps druid
1 boomkin
1-2 mages
1-2 rogues
Any healer that is well geared is welcome to aply as well.

We raid Sundray through Thursday 19.00 - 23.00 CET

If you think your skills and gear would be helpful in ToC25hc, feel free to drop an application on ego.wowstead.com (You will need to read guild rules before anything else).

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