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09-13-2009, 04:19 PM
About us:
<void> is a “serious casual” raiding guild on Spirestone looking for a few good members for hardmode ToC content. We raid 3 nights a week for 4 hrs (Tues/Thurs/Sun, 8pm-midnight PST), but we take the time we spend raiding seriously. Our members come prepared, know the fights, and know not to stand in fire. We also work to provide a real life friendly environment. Most of our members have jobs, many have families, and we’re generally a low-drama, more mature group. We take pride in our guild’s culture, and that it’s not your typical raiding guild.

Progression-wise, we’ve knocked over everything in Ulduar 25 hardmodes except Yogg+1 and Algalon. We’re working on heroic Northrend Beasts in ToC 25. Don’t count on any of those lasting long.

About you:
Simply put, you are an exceptional player. If you’re a tank, the Rock of Gibraltar has nothing on you - bosses flail helplessly against you. You pick up mobs like nobody’s business (unless perhaps they’re on a warlock). You are thrilled about the idea of squeezing out another 10 health from somewhere. If you’re a healer, saving the day is your bread and butter. You’re not interested in topping the healing meters, but instead landing that clutch heal – all because you know the damage pattern for the fight. You understand the relative strengths of each of the healing classes and how they work best separately and in combination. If you’re dps, you popped out of your mother’s womb flasked up and already topping the DM. Not only do you handle your raid utility, but you put up mindblowing numbers without pulling aggro. You hit so hard bosses pray we extend the raid lockout so they don’t have to see you next week.

Regardless of role, we are looking for equal parts guild fit as well as performance. Not only do you excel at your role, but you want to be part of a tight-knit team focused on progression together. Most of the members know each other in real life, and <void> is as much a social club as it is a raiding machine that churns out boss kills and epics. We are typically low turnover, and being a team player is key.

Classes we are looking for:
We have specific needs currently for:
- Holy pally
- Disc/holy priest
- Tank DK or prot warrior

Lower priority:
- Warlock
- Mage
- DPS warrior
- Elemental shammy

We will always consider truly exceptional players of any class.

Sounds good! Now what?
If <void> sounds like a good fit for you, please fill out an application: http://void.guildomatic.com/guild_application/apply (http://void.guildomatic.com/guild_application/apply). You can also ping an officer (Gisele, Yosarian, Ketura) in-game with any questions you have.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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