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09-12-2009, 06:55 PM
I ran a H dtk the other day on my dk who's a frost tank and well I felt like I was taking too much damage. I was wondering whether a blood spec might have a bit more survival until I get more gear.

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Blackrock&n=Cariaria)

that has my current frost spec. I was thinking of going to a spec more like this.

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#jzEMqIhcsbM0sZhxx0N0hZ0x)

09-12-2009, 10:11 PM
You're facing the last round of DK nerfs, which are being rescinded (slightly) in the current 3.2.2 PTR notes. Blood actually takes more damage, and while the spec you posted has more survivability on paper, it gives up a considerably amount of threat/control that makes it easier to have mob focused on you, rather than breaking lose onto your group. Tanking is as much as soaking hits as keeping control of the fight for your group.

Two talents to consider would be Lichborne & Hungering Cold. LB helps with the occasional fear mob in heroics, while HC is an underrated option for keeping control. If you lock up a mob or two for the full 10 seconds, they're not doing damage to anyone. Points? I'd pull from Morbidity, as since Howling Blast is more useful in general.

Also, trade the IT Glyph for Glyph of Howling Blast. This allows you to get Frost Fever up on mobs continuously, which dehastes the incoming melee damage. IT,PS,Pestilence is 'better', but take more GCDs when you're dealing with mobs at the start of a pull or picking up adds.

09-12-2009, 11:55 PM
First rule of DK tanking: Until you're ready for Naxx at LEAST, you're gonna feel like a sponge. As a DK tank myself I went through it, especially after the latest patch.

Talents: One thing I'd give up is RP Mastery. You're not gonna generate enough RP to need the extra room, and you definitely shouldn't hoard it until you do, so those two points can go into Deathchill and Morbidity. Morbidity, because the faster you burn through fights, the faster you'll want your DnD up. If your DPS is up to snuff, you'll need that extra fast cooldown on it. Deathchill serves two purposes. On the initial pull, you frontload crazy aggro with the AoE crit it causes when combined with Howling Blast, and if your DPS is also just getting into Heroics, you'll want the ability to help end fights with the extra AoE damage from - you guessed it - a deathchilled Howling Blast. Chill of the Grave is another talent I don't use, and those two points should go into Lichborne for the fear/stun breaker, and either Hungering Cold for better mob control or Acclimation (1/3) for the added, if slight, mitigation bonus.

Glyphs: Definitely trade out Icy Touch for Howling Blast. You'll build plenty of RP witout it despite frost spec being "RP starved" and it makes things much more easy to deal with. Otherwise, you're good there too.

Rotation (post glyph/talent switchout):
Initial pull - DnD, DC'd Howling Blast, Blood Boil. IBF ASAP, and Rune Strike as available.
Runes cooled down - HB, Ob, Blood Strike x2.
If stuff's still alive - Obx3
Repeat step 2 and three until you're looting.

Initial Pull for bosses:
DC'd HB, OB, BS x2. IBF / RS as available.
Second Round:
Ob x3. Repeat these two rotations as necessary until you're looting.

If there's adds to consider, HB will pick them up, no worries. Just hope you've got a great healer, and have the DPS burn the adds down as fast as they can.

I'd love to help, but you're saved in your DPS set lol. Blinded by that, the best I can say is that if you're still working on getting geared to raid in your tank stuff, farm regular ToC (the new 5man) until you're ready to go. The trinket dropped by the black knight, specifically, is one of the best tank trinkets you can get pre-naxx. +127 stamina, and the 7k armor proc isn't horrible. Currently, I use that, and Essence of Gossamer from Hadronox in Heroic Azjol'nerub. Unless you're a maxed JC, that combination can't be beat pre-naxx.

Good luck, and happy tanking!

PS: The squishy feeling really does go away when you're just about ready for 10man Naxx/OS. I promise!

09-13-2009, 02:56 AM
yeah sorry about the dps gear thing got my tank gear equipped now, I have been farming n toc for a while haven't seen the trinket drop :S. have changed spec and given it a try it's not bad I just need to get used to a single disease rotation.

09-13-2009, 07:28 PM
It takes a couple runs to get used to, for sure. After I got used to it, oh man.. lol! Just remember to use your cooldowns when you know things are gonna hit you, and I highly recommend Deadly Boss Mods. Granted the stock WoW UI will tell you what's happening when, DBM makes it literally impossible to miss, and works for both raids and heroics. Good times!

09-13-2009, 08:11 PM
hmm... i've been tanking frost since i hit 77... a few things from my perspective if you don't mind...

I find that Chill of the grave being an important part in my talent build as opposed to having DeathChill and Hungering Cold... one thing that could potentially help you with threat generation could be to drop the glyph of dark command and pop in the glyph for DnD... that way your DnD ticks will be higher and you'll get more threat over time from it...

my opening is usually DnD > HB > BB... RS when i can and OB if FF is up on the mob and HB or BB is on CD... I also use FS when my RP is around 80...

i'll explain a bit on why i would pick Chill of the Grave over DeathChill and Hungering Cold... the CD on DeathChill is a little too long for me to unload mass aggro on a pull... and because i HB and OB alot, Chill of the Grave gives me enough RP to constantly hit RS when it procs... also, if you're ok with rounding up the mobs then Hungering Cold would hardly be used (at least i never found a use for it)...

these are the things that I was doing when i was 2H tanking... also, if you're having some trouble holding a grp of mobs, tab targetting when RS procs helps a ton...

Sorry for forgetting to talk on your squishyness, I'd agree with Hades on the part where it gets better... but if i was in your position, i'd gem full dodge gems for red or extra slots... if you could drop some defense but maintain it above 540 while doing that, you'd be able to help by taking less hits...

09-13-2009, 09:47 PM
Hades' rotation works for me so long as I don't have idiot dps trying to kill a different target and I generate around 2-3k threat atm but I think it'll suffice will I get more gear.

Thanks for your opinions