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09-12-2009, 02:38 PM
<Aeon> on turalyon-US is recruiting the following:
Holy Priest
Prot Warrior
Druid Tank
Ranged DPS

Also any exceptional applications will be reviewed thoroughly and the officers will decide on acceptance etc.

We raid Sunday-Thursday 830-12 pm EST. Any other nights are off nights and often 10 mans are led during this time.

Aeon is a top end raiding guild, and most of our members have been raiding end-game content since Vanilla. We have cleared ulduar and continue to clear it on nights that are not dedicated to toc and it's heroic counterpart. We have done many ulduar hardmodes in 25 and our 10 mans clear all of the hard modes aside from alone in the darkness and algalon on offnights. We are 5/5 normal ToTC and are currently working on ToTGC and progression in there is looking promising.
Apply at Aeon - News (http://www.aeonturalyon.com)

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