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09-12-2009, 09:41 AM
Well here's my armory, first of all.

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Auchindoun&n=Bigbanana)

1. I was wondering what I am able to tank. Do you think I can tank 10 man ulduar? I know my gear's not that great, but I was wondering.

2. Should I gem pure stam, or should i get both stam and dodge/parry gem (forgot which one was better)

3. Some healer told me I needed like 50% avoidance to tank well in H ToC. He said I was taking WAY too much damage and I wouldn't be able to tank it very well. Is that true?

4. I think I got the best gear I can with conquest badges for now, and I'm working for the tanking gloves and tanking helmet with badges. After that, what should I get with conquest badges?

09-13-2009, 01:03 AM
First off, according to armory, you're saved in DPS gear. No big deal, wow-heroes last cached you in tank. ;) That said, I'll get down to business.

10man Ulduar: Get in there, learn the fights, and have a blast. The downside is that your gear upgrades are gonna come from Ulduar25 and ToCr10. Learning the fights in Ulduar10 will help you to tank Ulduar25, which you're ready for gearwise. Apparently your gear's better than you thought. The only thing I'd change on your gear (Unless you desperately need the Str and agility, which you really don't.) is your chest enchant to Super Health over powerful stats. Other than that, if you already know the fights, or have a good raid leader, you're good to go. Jump in and get your sword messy!

Stam Stacking: Good idea, especially since the socket bonuses you skipped won't change much.

H ToC/Avoidance: Should be just fine, considering that the percentages displayed (Dodge/parry) don't take into account the chance to just plain be missed. You're looking at about 50-54% chance to not get hit already if I remember the miss chance right. If it's not around 11%, someone please correct my math? Also, healing the MT in a raid is WAY different from a 5man instance. I had an ulduar geared priest FAIL to keep me up in Heroic UK a while back. He said it was impossible. The next night I went in with a rl friend's fresh-80 priest, and we didn't wipe once.

Badge Gear: Triumph is gonna be FTW. Right now, Conquest badges can only get you a better belt, or be traded down into Heroism to gear your next project lowbie.