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09-12-2009, 08:25 AM
Noobs is currently recruiting:

Who are you?

We are looking for patient, mature, high competitive members. You should enjoy the game as we do. Raiding in our guild is for having a laugh
most of the times, until we get to a boss where we get down to serious business. You should be able to handle this approach - our Voice Chat
is pretty crowded during trash. And last but not least, we do not need the player that logs in before a raid and logs of right after without a
thank you, and is never seen except when raiding.

PvE progression should be your priority when it comes down to it. PvE should be what you build your character around, and the deciding
factor in choices you make regarding gear and spec.

Who are we?

Noobs is a experienced guild formed in december 2007 by high-skilled and experienced players who were somewhat new to the game,
but were desperately willing to see the end game content of the game. We have had some ups and downs during our existance, but
our core group sticked together as we kept progressing more and more and were becoming stronger and stronger climbing up the guild
ranking on our realm.

We are mostly a raiding guild and we raid up to three days a week, four hours per night are a MUST.The rest of the week is optional.
Raid time : 20:00-00:00 monday-wednesday
This post is about the raiding part. We have a high diversity and variaty of members living across Europe, from Greece to England.
We do not have as demanding a raid schedule as a lot of the top guilds on this server, but please do not bother joining the guild if
you can't be in our raids for 70% of the times.

Our average age is approximately 23 years old.

Our raiding progress: Ulduar 25man cleared Hardmodes: Hodir, Deconstructor, Leviathan
ToC: 25man cleared

In progress: Freya 3trees(1tree done), Thorim, Steelbreaker, Mimiron, Yogg
Heroic ToC: 0/5

What we want

Must be able to raid 3 days a week

- All classes and specs - feel free to apply. Your application will always be considered. We will always review and discuss people that might meet our standards and requirements.

How to apply?

Apply on our guild forums at :Noobs Guild Forum • Index page (http://www.kektmar.nl/noobs/forum/)
If you have questions, dont hesitate to ask one of our officers.

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