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09-12-2009, 01:02 AM
Hi, can a few of you take a look at my profile on wowarmory and tell me what I need to improve on? I tried tanking 10-man TOC tonight and the crybaby raid leader said that my gear was an issue. However, others in the group said I did fine and it was just a matter of having geared healers.

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bronzebeard&n=Bearlicious)

Thanks in advance

09-12-2009, 06:45 AM
Well the first thing you could do is that since you have a survival spec on you should get glyph of shield wall and glyph of last stand. I mean Glyph of Barbaric Insults is a bad glyph to begin with let alone in a survival spec and Glyph of schockwave is only useful for trash. Since you already have commanding presence you should really get Imp disciplines.

Other than that you seem to be geared an enchanted pretty well and probably should not have any problems in. I am pretty sure it is the healers.

Are you using your cooldowns? What about demo shout and commanding shout. What about flask, Indestructible potions and food buffs?

09-12-2009, 08:11 AM
So which glyphs should I change for my survival spec?

Also, I blow my cooldowns and trinkets whenever they're available.

Don't ever use pots or flasks anymore. Gonna start again though.

Can you take a look at my other spec that I use for trash and see what need to improve??? I generally use this spec when tanking adds.

Also, I eat the pavement quite a bit because the healers have trouble keeping me healed. Is it common for tanks to take uber damage even if they're geared pretty well???

09-12-2009, 08:26 AM
In your survival spec you should probably get Shield Wall and Last stand and I would grab Imp disciplines by dropping Imp revenge, you can't really have Glyph of Shield wall without Improved disciplines. Funny you have glyph of Shieldwall for your threat spec.

For your threat spec since it is a threat spec I would drop 2 points out of Imp disciplines, 2 out of Imp spell reflect and 2 points out of bloodrage. With those 6 points I would get deepwounds and Vigilance. I would also drop 1 point in Anger Management and 3 in cruelty and get Gag Order. Tactical Mastery is kind of a waste since you don't really switch stances that Often drop 3 in tactical mastery and with the left over points you got from dropping cruelty you could get Anticipation. And the last thing is since it is a threat spec drop Glyph of shield wall and get Glyph of Vigilance.

When buy your potions make sure you get Indestructible instead of a regular healing potion, all that armor is better than a heal for 1000 hp. Its common for tanks to take big damage especially in Ulduar and ToC heroic but which bosses are you going down on?

09-12-2009, 04:24 PM
In Ulduar, I take loads of damage on XT-002, Kologarn, Auriaya. We have cleared them but healers always have to throw down huge heals on me.

I always switch to my survival spec when doing these bosses and the bosses in VOA, especially the new boss.