View Full Version : Give us a hand (A) Thunderhorn [US] 3-4 Night raiding

09-11-2009, 03:10 PM
Kinetik is a raiding guild on thunderhorn, formed in Nov 2007 we have cleared ToC 10 and 25, Ulduar (except Yogg & Guardian Hard modes).

Our situation - we could use more consistent raiders.

What do we have to offer?

Friendly Adults (We are 18 and over - and by OVER I mean we prefer 22+
Asshole Free Raiding! - if you can do 6k dps and are a jerk on vent - honestly life is too short go elsewhere
A mature friendly home - we tend to keep our raiders for good reasons
Not cutting edge progression I'm sad to say but our progression keeps some of our toons at the top of the Servers "Best Geared List" and the overall guild in the top 10 for the server (Horde and Alliance combined).
We absolutely dont suck and don't include folks who do, but we have in our ranks folks who have some room to improve and we dont kick them.

The downside - some of the top progression guilds have recently absorbed 4-5 of our consistent raiders (sadface) and the fact is we have always raided with too light a roster because we hate to sit folks out. Well we could use some new blood and I'm asking for your help.

Are you (possibly a group of friends)looking for a chance to see all the content?
Are you mentally stable, sociable, coherent, and competent at this game? (well you are on this website so thats a bonus :) )

Please check us out KinetiK : Home : World of Warcraft Guild Powered by GuildPortal‚„Ę Guild Hosting (http://kinetik.guildportal.com)

Our raid schedule is currently Sunday - Wednesday 7:00pm -10:30 ST (CST)

--- We have many bank tabs and a tabard! ---