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09-11-2009, 04:27 AM
No Deal is a French speaking guild created on a French PvE server. We speak French, many of us don't speak a lot of English, but we love foreign accents so foreigners who have learned French at school are very welcome!

We have been in the game since the beginning of the new expansion and have cleaned Naxx, Malygos, Sartharion 3D, and killed 13/14 bosses in Ulduar. However, our server is packed with guilds and it is hard to find talentuous applicants.
After a tough summer, we have managed to rebuild our roster. The unability to attempt Ulduar HM in a good condition has frustrated us more than anything, and we are now eager to go further in Crusader's Trial.
We have already cleaned the normal mode in both formats, and the heroic mode in 10 men raid. Our work on 25 heroic Beasts has led us to the 3d phase, but to go further, now, we need YOU.

- If you are aware that challenge now lies in HM, not in a simple clean
- If you are in lust for bosses kills blood, and know that satisfaction comes from hard work, wiping and always giving your best
- If you always give your max for getting to know your class better and making the most of it in a raiding situation
- If you don't make the same mistake twice and are not satisfied until you become a motor, not a follower
- If despite all of this, you are a joyful chap and know that good humor helps to kill bosses, not the opposite
- If you are at least 16 (18 is better, we are somewhere between erotic and porn :p)

We are waiting for you !

We need in priority :
- Protpals
- A feral druid
- All healing classes (except druids)
- A hunter
- A rogue

But we are willing to read any application from any people who have enough motivation, skill and knowledge of their class, whatever the class, the spec or the stuff level is.

Meet us on No Deal ~ No Deal - Elune (http://nodeal.xooit.fr)


Forgive me for posting the same in French, in can be easier for our countrymates :)

Après un été chargé en émotions mais peu chargé en raideurs, cette rentrée nous aura apporté une instance facile en normal, le Colisée que nous avons rapidement clean en normal en 10 et en 25. Nous avons également enchaîné sur un clean Colisée 10 Héro et nous allons poursuivre plus avant vers les coffres. Mais surtout, nous voulons tout donner pour le clean du Colisée 25 Héro, seul challenge de ce patch !

Et pour cela, on a besoin de vous. On a besoin de gens qui n'ont pas peur du wipe, de gens qui ne sont pas satisfaits tant qu'ils n'ont pas tué les boss dans leur version la plus complexe, de gens qui ont conscience que désormais la difficulté de WoW n'est plus de clean bêtement, mais de se pencher sur les versions hard, et de consacrer du farm, de l'énergie et de la motivation à leur down.

- Si vous ne venez pas en raid les mains dans les poches, que vous avez le sens du défi, que vous avez envie d'avancer
- Si vous essayez de ne pas refaire deux fois la même erreur et que vous n'êtes pas contents tant que vous n'avez pas le sentiment d'être un élément moteur d'un raid
- Si vous avez du temps à consacrer au jeu, à l'optimisation de votre classe, au farm de vos consommables et au contenu raid dans son ensemble
- Si vous n'êtes malgré tout cela pas coincé du cul et que vous considérez qu'une bonne ambiance n'empêche pas le down mais y contribue
- Si enfin vous avez minimum 16 ans (18 c'est mieux, on est une guilde entre l'érotique et le porno)

Nos portes vous sont ouvertes.

Quelle que soit la classe, la spé ou le stuff, nous attendons vos applys sur No Deal ~ No Deal - Elune (http://nodeal.xooit.fr)

A bientôt dans l'arène !

09-14-2009, 05:53 PM
Just a little up to let you know that the Heroic Beasts are now back in their cages (Jaraxxus coming down soon), and that we are coming back to cleaning all the Ulduar HM we miss to reach Algalon.

We are more into it than ever and we still need you, so feel free to post an application!

10-15-2009, 10:04 AM
Yet another up!
This time we have the pleasure to announce you that Jaraxxus 25 Heroic Mode is defeated, buried and confirmed. We are working on the Faction Champions (4 guys down 4 to go).
In 10 men raid, we have obtained the Mad Skill hard mode.

And we still want you if you are :


- A warlock
- A rogue
- A feral druid

We might also consider your application if you are:

- A protpal
- A healing priest
- A healing pal

We hope to hear from you soon!

10-19-2009, 06:38 AM
In fact, make it Faction Champions HM and Insanity 10 men ;) Same classes needed as above !