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09-10-2009, 10:02 PM
A Stranger with Candy on Kilí Jadaen needs more people to help hand out candy from our Candy Van! We are looking for all dedicated raiders for 10 man and 25 man content. We have a very tight nit group of hardcore raiders and looking for more to join in with us. We are always kicked back and ready to have a good time with our guildies.

Raid Times: (Server Time)
Monday-Thursday All Content are done on these days, Uldar HM, ToC and VoA
Saturday and Sunday
12:00pm to ?
<Tentative PVP Premade>
What we expect:
We expect you to understand you class and the class mechanics. There are a lot of theories being thrown around in the WoW Community. We understand that, we have very VERY VERY knowledgeable group of raiders and can help you get every ounce of DPS, HPS, and Threat from every class. We want you to be better; we want us to be better as a whole. Sometimes the truth hurts, if youíre willing to listen, you will succeed in this guild.
We are a very relaxed group of Raiders. We raid, we are trying to progress, we are trying to make our mark on this server. We enjoy the challenge of hardmodes and we enjoy the thrill of downing each and every boss. We have an attitude to succeed and to do everything to our fullest capability. We all have become great friends, and want others to join us and progress with us also. We have an Officer Loot Council to decide on who gets what gear, itís based on raid attendance (Healers>Tanks>DPS). We all want better gear right? Help us progress into 25 man content, and everyone excels then!
Must to Raid:
Vent-(Some kind of Mic)
Knowledge of Fights (we do explain)
Timeliness- (Be on time, that makes sense doesnít it?)
Involvement-Meaning help do heroics, do stupid raids like Naxx, and dedication to the Guild
Deadly Boss Mod (You should have this even if youíre not a Hardcore Raider)
How to Contact us:
Walk up to the Van, and ask for some candy. In all seriousness hit us up in-game, E-Mail, Smoke Signals, Mail, Pigeons we donít care, if you want to Raid get to us quick!
Contact- Lipbaggs (Guild Master), Soulenoid (Officer), Oldwisepaly (Officer), Droppindotz (Officer)
And myself Rekyks (Guild Recruitment)
Visit us at
A Stranger With Candy of Kil'Jaeden (http://astrangerwithcandy.guildomatic.com/)