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09-10-2009, 08:33 PM
Cynosure Guild - Altar of Storms (http://www.Cynosure-Guild.com)

Cynosure is currently looking to improve our player base with ToC Heroic mode now out.

Due to School and people coming off holidays at the end of summer some of our players have had to shift there times from when they're online and can raid.

Currently we are the doing very well in 25 ToC (toc heroic) and Ulduar. Cynosure has had its rough spots since its formation back in Vanilla but where as other guilds collapsed or merged in BC, Cynosure always managed to pull through due to its Strong Core of players. Although this core has changed over time were still keeping top place on the server and progressing steadily.

Cynosure is opening Recruitment to a wide variety of class's at this time which include:

Warrior - Any Spec Arms Preferred
Rogue - any spec
Druid - Boomkin and Feral
Priest - Shadow and Disc
Hunter - Any Spec
Mage - Any Spec
Warlock - Any Spec
Paladin - Tank Preferred
Death Knight - Tank Preferred
Shaman - Any Spec

Cynosure Guild - Altar of Storms (http://www.cynosure-guild.com) (apply here)

Even if your not the Preferred Spec were looking for a well written Application and solid knowledge of your class make us consider your Application.

~~Altar of Storms is an East Coast Server~~
Cynosure raids 5 day's a week Sunday through Thursday if there is available content for those 5 day's(There currently is).
We raid from 8:00 server time till 12:00 server time though we do occasionally extend raid time if were close to downing a new encounter. We expect all our raiders to be at the instance and ready to pull at 8:00 not logging online at 8:00.
We are lenient with people with conflicting schedule's I.E. can't make Thursday because of Class's that night we will understand we have a MIA forum for such an occasion

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